More men are getting work (below there) according to the CEO of Med Spas

getting more men plastic Surgery (down there) More than ever, and Brazilian butt lifts are becoming a thing of the past! The CEO of leading med spas for celebrities in South Florida dishes on the latest surgery trends with The Shade Room.

Angela KoganThe owner of the Perfection Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa in Miami has a wide clientele of celebrities including Florida, 50 Cent, Odell Beckham and others who remain confidential.

The surgery center owner made shocking revelations about recent trends in plastic surgery in an exclusive interview on Wednesday and doesn’t hold back when it comes to the dirty details of bodywork.

“Right now, we’re seeing a big change in men getting plastic surgery,” she said. “Men have really stepped up and are getting more surgeries than we think.”

A 2019 report good The American Society of Plastic Surgeons revealed that more than 1.3 million cosmetic procedures were performed on men in 2018 alone, representing a 29 percent increase since 2000.

More men are working “down there” in what reports call a “daddy-do-over” trend

The report calls this trend “daddy-do-over,” as many men in their 30s want to work after starting a family.

Kogan says the trend has only increased over the years, accounting for between 50 percent of male and 50 percent of female patients.

Penis enlargement and ab sketching are trendy in male patients

The owner of the Miami-based Plastic Surgery Center adds that most men who step into her practice are seeking penis enlargement, a procedure done with either fillers or surgery.

“You’d be surprised, we do this a lot,” she said. “And a lot of abdominal re-sectioning.”

Kogan’s Practice, which celebrated its tenth year in business in May, also has an active social media presence, with nearly 300k followers. instagramWhere the results of his work are displayed.

Brazilian butt lift is becoming a thing of the past, as women want to look more natural

After the BBL boom that exploded in popularity for the Kardashians, Kogan says the trend in plastic surgery has shifted toward a more natural look rather than the exaggerated physical features that were popularized in the past.

“Overall the plastic surgery trend has changed. Most women now want smaller breasts, they want to look more natural.”

However, there is still no dearth of women seeking Brazilian butt lift surgery, although its heyday may be until 2022.

In 2020, plastic surgeons performed 40,000 butt augmentation procedures, generating $140 million in revenue, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

The number of butt augmentation surgeries – also known as Brazilian butt lifts or “BBLs” – increased by 90.3 percent between 2015 and 2019.

With changing trends come more open attitudes towards plastic surgery

And trends in the field have moved along with changes in attitudes toward plastic surgery, Dr. Kogan says. In what was once a taboo topic and a source of shame, people who have gone under the knife are more open and open than ever about discussing their bodies of work.

“People are more open and comfortable talking about[plastic surgery]” Dr. Kogan said.

Advances in plastic surgery have certainly helped, as good surgeons like Kogan can produce bodywork that “people will never know you had surgery,” she said.

Dr. Kogan warned of “chop-chop shops” – or plastic surgery organizations, typically in the Dominican Republic, where complex and dangerous procedures are performed on the cheap, often with subpar or even fatal results. with.

In June of this year, a NYC Department of Correction captain died after undergoing plastic surgery at a Dominican clinic run by a doctor who had once pleaded guilty to operating without a medical license, according to New York Daily News,

Kogan warns of dangerous “chop-chop shops” in the US and abroad

Tundra Bowser-Williams, 49, who works at Rikers Island, suffered a massive stroke just days after her procedure in Santo Domingo, reportedly from a fake doctor. Dr. Hector Cabral underwent fat transfer surgery on May 13, but he is not certified, reports the outlet.

In April, Indiana mother died after having cosmetic surgery in Dominican Republic, Peru WRTV,

And in 2019, 28-year-old Manuel Jose Nez died after a liposuction procedure inside a Caribbean plastic surgery clinic in Santo Domingo.

The deaths are among dozens of others who traveled abroad for plastic surgery, usually due to the cheap and affordable prices of the clinic.

Guardian reports that the average cost of liposuction in the US is $5,500, while in the Dominican Republic it is $3,500.

Dr. Kogan urged anyone considering working to pay the additional cost, not only for better results, but also for their safety,

“We’re too expensive,” she admitted. “I’m more of a boutique style, not a “chop-chop shop.” Comes with valued results and genuine customer service, we basically baby our patients even six months after surgery. ,

He said that although his practice does not accept insurance, they do offer paid plans and have always wanted to work with potential patients.

Florida Board of Medicine intervenes after rise in deaths due to failed BBL surgery

The deaths due to plastic surgery called Brazilian butt lifts prompted the Florida Board of Medicine to introduce a new rule for surgeons in the state, where South Florida is considered the BBL capital.

With 19 patients dying in that state alone due to complications after the procedures, plastic surgeons can perform only three Brazilian butt lift surgeries per day, so as not to overwork the doctors who might then make a mistake while the patient are under the knife. NBC Miami,

“There has been such an increase in deaths, BBLs are more complicated than tummy tucks, if the surgeon is overtired, or perhaps out of (medical) school, there is room for mistakes,” Kogan said.

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