MLB Players of the Week Proving Age Is Just a Number

Chicago White Sox pitcher Johnny Cueto celebrates the start of #47 after the final of the eighth inning against the Cleveland Guardians at Progressive Field on August 20, 2022 in Cleveland, Ohio.
(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

the year is 2022 and Albert Pujols And johnny cuto still dominate mlb,

Well, at least for a week.

Players of the Week were announced on Monday and Cueto was the American League winner, while Pujols won the National League award with his teammate, Paul Goldschmidt,

It’s been an incredible turnaround for Cueto, 36.

After signing a minor-league deal to start the season, Chicago White Sox Added Kyoto in May and he has been a great season for them.

In 118.2 innings with the White Sox, Cuoto has an ERA of 2.58 despite only 73 strikes.

The right wing no longer has the dominant position in Cincinnati, but he is still dominant.

Cueto has been so great this season that he has the third highest WAR in the American League.

Battle Trails Only 4.1 Justin Verlander and team mates dialing off,

This past week, Cueto made two debuts.

In those games, he bowled 16.2 innings and allowed only one run.

Also, Cueto has played at least eight innings in three of his last four.

His lack of strikeouts allowed him to go deeper into games and help the Chicago Bullpen.

This is the third time in Cueto’s career that he has won the Player of the Week award.

Winning once with the Reds in 2014 and with the Giants in 2016.

The White Sox have been one of the lowest achievers in MLB this season.

But, Cueto has done his part to keep their playoff hopes alive.

machine keeps running

In a season that no one saw coming, St. Louis Cardinals Slugger Albert Pujols is closing in on 700 home runs and has been right of late.

Since the All-Star break, Pujols has been hitting .439 with eight home runs and 18 RBIs.

In the last week, Pujols hit .526 with four homers and eight RBIs, including a game where he went 4-4 with two home runs.

The 42-year-old has dominated left-handed pitching throughout the season.

His division includes .439 batting average, .807 slugging percentage and 1.243 OPS.

Simply put, Pujols has had a great season against the Left.

It is Pujols’ 13th Player of the Week honor in his career.

The last time he won the award was in August 2012 when he was 32 and played for the Angels.

Thanks to this incredible run of home runs, 700 career homers are no longer as out of reach as we thought they might be before the season.

The addition of a designated hitter to the NL may have been a big factor in Pujol’s success.

He is only a DH at this point in his career and now achieves this final raise with the team he spent most of his career with.

Pujols has helped lead the Cardinals to first place in the NL Central and it would be great to see The Machines back in the playoffs.

Both Cueto and Pujol were two of the most likely players to win the award prior to the season.

But, now that he has it, it will be fun to see him end his incredible season.

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