Mindy Kaling wins over past fashion choices: ‘Terrible’

Mindy Kaling Cringes on Past Fashion Choices

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A great trip down memory lane! Mindy Kaling Don’t be proud of your past fashion choices.

43 year old actress appeared Watch Live with Andy Cohen What Happens? On Tuesday, August 9, during which he was asked to play a game of “Versace or Hibachi”. The game requires guests to look at their past photos and critique their style. If they like the dress in question they say “Versace,” if they don’t, they can “burn” the look by saying “hibachi.”

First, the host andy cohen Took a picture of Kalinga from 2008, with “ruffles and gloves”. The Office The alum quickly burst into laughter as she slammed the outfit. “My god, terrible,” Kaling said. Next, the 54-year-old Bravo mogul displayed a shot of Kaling attending the 2017 Fox event in a dress with a “trippy” pattern. Kalinga, once again, was not pleased, saying: “I am going to him to Hibachi too.”

For the 2008 Emmys, Kaling stepped out in a brown pleated dress, which Cohen described as “very Studio 54.” Kalinga lowered his head in shame. “Hibachi! I really hate myself,” she joked to Cohen as “find a look at me where I look good.”

shine every day The author replied: “I think you look great in all of these!”

To Kaling’s relief, Cohen then drew a picture he really liked. “Okay, Versace,” late night The star spoke of her appearance at a Television Critics Association event – to which she wore a dazzling floral dress.

However, her happiness was short-lived as Cohen showed a photo of the comedian during his “Kelly Kapoor era” at New York Fashion Week. Kaling quipped: “Obviously, Hibachi.”

“I feel like I’m being set up,” she continued. “I know I look good in a picture… it just feels like a nightmare.”

Though her personal style has evolved, Kalinga’s wardrobe remains vibrant and fun.

Manufacturers often sport colorful ensembles, including lively dress More from Christopher John Rogers sexy two-piece set From Lacan Smith. Her Most Special Summer 2022 Look Is Probably Glossy Turquoise Bottega Veneta Knit Dress That she debuted on June 11 via Instagram. The Massachusetts native has “a blue moment,” said the frock, which she paired with a matching cardigan, pearls from Chanel, and heels by Aquazzura.

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