Mindy Kaling Shares How Reese Witherspoon’s Son Deacon Takes Her After

“I just love that the show is funny, and it’s about family,” the 43-year-old shared. “We get to see this incredible cast, Maitreyi’s performance is absolutely amazing, and there are some really good looking guys this season.”

When it comes to my own family, The Office The alum said it was too early to tell whether her children—4 years old Catherine and about 2 years old wig—will follow in his entertainment footsteps, though his daughter shares his love for glam-up.

“When I’m ready, she gets a little excited and starstruck,” Kaling shared. “She always wants to take a photo with me when I’m fully dressed. So, she’s into flashy things, which is good for me.”

Watch the full interview above.

never have I ever Season three is now streaming on Netflix.

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