Millie Bobby Brown Used Hunter Ekimovich Situation for Inspiration

Millie Bobby Brown Recalls Her 'Unhealthy Situation' With TikTok Star Hunter Ekimovich on Season 4 of 'Stranger Things'

Millie Bobby Brown. john nesian/nurphoto/shutterstock

Using pain for inspiration. Millie Bobby Brown He opened up about how he aired his feelings about the “unhealthy situation” with the Tik Tok star Hunter Ekimovich inside it season 4 strange things performance.

“I used to feel very insecure,” said the 18-year-old actress. allure For their September 2022 cover story. “Also, no one on the sets knew that I was going through this phase. So, it was kind of cool that I could deal with myself and no one else knew. It was hard then when the whole world knew. ,

In July 2021, Ecimovic, 22, went live on Instagram and claimed to have started dating Enola Homes star when she was young. “I was cheated. I took advantage of it, if anything,” he claimed, per Los Angeles Times, “He used his powers on me, and I was manipulated.”

The social media personality further added, “You guys don’t know the story of anything. And I’ll never apologize. I hope you know that. … you guys don’t know a single thing.”

Ecimovic also made explicit claims about engaging in sexual activities with Brown. He apologized for the comments via TikTok later that day, saying he was “not proud” of how he handled the situation.

“When you’re publicly humiliated like this, I feel out of control and powerless,” godzilla the actress told allure, “walking away and Knowing that I’m worth everything And this person didn’t take anything away from me, it felt very empowering. It felt like my life had finally turned a page and I had actually finished a chapter that felt so long. ,

At the time of the controversial Instagram live, the British actress started dating her current boyfriend, Jake Bongiovic, in May, Jon Bon Jovic20-year-old son went with Brown in Season 4 strange things premiere. Netflix star also shared glimpse of relationship through social media.

“I love adventures with you ️ What a beautiful experience, understanding the importance of bees! ,” she captioned a July Instagram photo of her Bongiovi on a beekeeping date.

In addition to acting and going on exciting dates, Brown also writes occasional blog posts for her skincare company website, He founded Florence by Mills in 2019.

the model told allure That she prefers to connect with her fans through blog posts as opposed to social media, as “no one can comment.”

“Ultimately, I wanted to help young girls and young people within my career know that I go through things too,” she told the outlet. “I’m not this perfect person who is skin care products sales and in stranger things. I have taken absolutely wrong decisions.”

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