Michael Flynn should forfeit pension for violation of emoluments: Rep Gallego

Congressman Ruben Gallego said on saturday Michael FlynnFormer National Security Advisor Donald Trumpshould have lost his pension for Violation of the emoluments clauseWhich prevents US officials from receiving unauthorized payments from foreign nations.

He tweeted, “Just take their pension and call it as well. Traitors don’t get pension from the government they try to overthrow.” gallegoAn Iraq War veteran and Democrat representing Arizona.

It comes after the Defense Department wrote to Flynn in May that it was seeking $38,557 from him. Washington Post, The military said in a letter that the retired lieutenant general may have found that investigators found he received about $450,000 from Turkish and Russian interests without prior government approval, according to the paper.

The payment allegedly included a fee received by him attend a festival In 2015 Russia Today—a news agency run by the Kremlin—was organized by sat by Russian President Vladimir Putin,

Michael Flynn should lose his pension: Rep Gallego
Congressman Ruben Gallego said on Saturday that former national security adviser Michael Flynn under Donald Trump should lose his pension for violating emoluments. Above, Flynn speaks at a campaign event on April 21 in Brunswick, Ohio.
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The emoluments section says: “No title of nobility shall be granted by the United States of America: and no person who shall hold any office of profit or trust under them, except with the consent of Congressaccept any gift, emoluments, rank, or title, whatsoever, of any kind from any king, prince, or foreign state.”

According to the military letter, Flynn received $33,750 after Russia Today transferred $45,386 to the public speaking company Leading Authorities in December 2015. $4,807 was also reportedly paid in compensation for his travel, hotel and visa costs to attend the Moscow event.

“When it is discovered that a military retiree has violated the emoluments clause, the United States government may pursue debt recovery,” Army attorney Craig Schmauder told Flynn. Post.

However, Flynn Defense Department criticized For trying to recover money received from Russia. Former Trump adviser who was convicted of lying FBI about his relationship with Russia before he was pardoned by The former president said the department was trying to “embarrass” him.

He Told far-flung news website Real America’s Voice Network said in May that the department does not want it to “return to government in any capacity.”

“It’s just another dig, another way to embarrass, another way they want me to shut up. And I’m not about it, it’s not in my nature, I don’t design that way.” Done,” Flynn said at the time. “And I’ll tell you it actually strengthens my spine even more.”

“They’re just going to reach my retirement and they’re going to take out some money – it means something but at the end of the day, this country means a lot more,” he said.

Gallego has attacked Flynn before, including May, when he criticized for Calling for “one religion” in the United States.

newsweek Flynn’s lawyer reached out to Sidney Powell for comment.

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