Michael E. Langley named first black four-star Marine general after vote in US Senate

Black History Month may be several months ago, but there’s one person who has recently joined the ranks who, among many others, has been mentioned for breaking down barriers — and his name is Michael E. Langley, It was confirmed, through a vote in the US Senate, that Michael E. Langley is now the first black four-star Marine general, making him the first black person to receive the honor in the Marine’s 246-year history.

As @NBCNews reports, earlier this week the Senate officially called it a . made courtesy of formal vote To promote Lieutenant General Michael E. Langley to a four-star Marine general, which earned him the title of being the first black person in Marine history to achieve this title. Langley will formally receive his promotion at a formal ceremony on 6 August.thin Washington, DC, after which Langley is set to go straight to work, where he will command all US military forces in Africa and oversee an estimated 6,000 soldiers.

President Joe Biden earlier in June nominated Michael E. Langley to lead the United States Africa Command. During his confirmation hearing last month, Langley told the Senate that he agreed with the Senate that Russia’s growing influence in troubled parts of Africa would be among his top priorities in his new position. The Senate also told Langley how important diplomacy and military expertise would be to succeed in his new job, and he quickly agreed.

You may recall that in November 2021, the Marine Corps implemented new initiatives to improve diversity and retention, including launching a comprehensive plan called Talent Management—and Michael E. Langley proves that the long-standing military branch is taking steps in the right direction.

Racial and gender bias was a top priority for Marines, according to a July 2021 diversity report. “It’s an important part of the conversation to learn that real examples of racial and gender bias exist in our core — 75 years after the service was integrated,” the report said.

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