Michael Blackson jokes about being intimate with Brittany Griner after prison sentence

now you all know Michael Blackson He’s always up for fun, but has he gone much beyond that? As we reported earlier, Brittany Griner He was sentenced to nine years in prison after pleading guilty to charges of attempted drug trafficking in Russia, and Blackson joked that something awaits him when he is released.

In a tweet, Michael Blackson clearly stated that he wants to be engaged with Britney once she comes home, and some people didn’t seem to be joking. Some criticized Blackson for his poor timing, and others called him disrespectful for not considering Griner’s sexual orientation and marriage.

When Brittany Griner is out, I want to be the first person to give her some dick.

After experiencing some backlash, Blackson explained on Twitter that he and Griner are good friends and have “a great sense of humour”, despite what the public might think. He shared a screenshot of some of his old Instagram messages, titled:

BG is my housewife and she has a great sense of humour, met her 5 years ago and we have been cool ever since. I know she’s out soon so I’m kidding so you need to stuff Moduskus.”

The seemingly inappropriate joke was not the first joke made by Blackson since the announcement of Brittany’s prison sentence. He also highlighted Russia’s offer to trade him as a notorious arms dealer.

Brittany’s prison sentence sparked outrage on social media and even prompted President Biden to demand his release.

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