Mexican-American woman arrested for racist attack on Indian women’s group: ‘Curry-a**b****s’ [Video]

a Texas Realtor facing backlash after threatening and spewing racist insults towards him Indian Community: “Curry-a**b*****s.”

a 58 year old woman named esmeralda upton It was caught on camera last Wednesday attacking, threatening and abusing a group of Indian women for unknown reasons. In the video, the woman – who identified herself as Mexican-American – can be seen asking the women to go back to their country and abusing them racially.

The entire incident was captured by one of the victims. At one point, Upton mocks the victim as she tries to knock the phone with her hands. It all happened in the parking lot of a business on the 3700 block of Dallas Parkway. The video begins with Upton walking towards the women.

“Dinner with friends ended with a horrifying experience. As we left Sixty Wines, Plano and headed for our cars, an angry, drunk woman came up to us with disgusting racial slurs and even We also physically assaulted us. We called 911 and thankfully the police arrived within minutes,” wrote Rani Banerjee in a Facebook post detailing the incident.

During the brawl, Upton took out his phone and then continued to insult women and their caste. “Oh, these f**** Indians – they come to America because they want a better life.” In the whole situation, Upton told the women to “pay” [her] f***ing way “in the country,” and at one point threatened to break into one of the women’s cameras because he refused to shake his hand after trying to apologize, knowing that the police were on the way. Was.

Plano police detectives arrested Upton on Thursday. According to a police report, she has been charged with rape and terroristic intimidation in this case, which is being treated as a hate crime.

Esmeralda Upton, 58. - Plano Police Department
Esmeralda Upton, 58. – Plano Police Department

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