Mets fans gear up for the most important series yet

Edwin Diaz of the New York Mets reacts after the final out during the ninth inning against the New York Yankees at Citi Field on July 26, 2022 in New York City.  The Mets won 6-3.
(Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images)

New York Mets So far 104 matches have been played in the 2022 season.

However, they are going to play the five most important matches of all time, starting on Thursday.

They will host the Atlanta Braves at Citi Field for a set of five games.

With the two teams being so close in the standings, this series has the potential to set the tone for the rest of the season.

The 66-38 Mets are 3.5 games ahead of the 63-42 Braves in the race for the NL East Division.

Both teams are likely to make it to the playoffs, but seeding is important, and taking a division is always a good prize.

Additionally, it gives fans bragging rights!

The Mets have won eight of their last 10 matches, and the Braves have won six of their last 10.

These are two of the best-of-five elite teams in the league.

The Mets would like to widen the current gap with the Braves

This is the perfect opportunity for the Mets to lay some ground between them and Atlanta once and for all.

However, if the Braves sweep, they will be in sole right to first place in the east.

The aim of the Mets should be to win at least three or four games out of five.

Anything less than that should be seen as a disappointment.

They are definitely capable of winning the series against the current World Series champions.

Welcome to Mets jacob degrom Back this week, and he replied with five one-run knocks against the Washington Nationals.

They’re also hoping to catch James McCano Back to the important weekend series.

It will be an exciting matchup with some of the best hitters and pitchers in the league.

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