Meghan Markle’s astrology explains why she’s so wrong

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When the world got wind that Prince Harry was engaged, everyone wanted a glimpse of his would-be bride. After all, this is a classic fairy tale that everyone dreams of! While I wouldn’t call it a “Cinderella story” – as Meghan Markle was already a successful Hollywood actress – her rise to global fame cannot be denied after marrying into the British royal family. The incredible life she lives begs the question: What is Meghan Markle astrology, His zodiac sign is only the tip of the iceberg.

Born on August 4th at 4:46 am in Los Angeles, CaliforniaThe Duchess of Sussex is a proud, creative and romantic Leo. People born under the sign of Leo naturally gravitate towards fame and success, making them people who love to shine in the spotlight and are loved for their generosity. However, there is much more to Meghan than her celebrity status, as she is rising sign is also in Cancer and his Zodiac is in Libra. Because the ascendant sign symbolizes your overall essence and the energy you radiate, Meghan is actually much more shy and sensitive than you might expect. After all, Cancer rising often prioritizes the safety and comfort of their own shell over the chaos of the outside world. This makes him much less critical than the conservative Leo.

Because Cancer is ruled by the Moon – the planet of compassion, nurturing and motherhood – her chart ruler is also her Moon in Libra! In astrology, the planet that is your chart ruler symbolizes everything that *you* is involved in. The rest of the planets in your birth chart may reflect other people in your life while your chart ruler always represents you. And because her chart ruler is in Libra, she’s someone who is diplomatic, balanced, and always aiming for justice (which is understandable, given that one cause that means so much to Meghan’s heart is Is The fight for paid maternity leave in America,

However, Meghan’s big three (aka her sun, moon and rise) are just scratching the surface of all the vast complexities inherent in her Beautiful (and Incredibly Revealing) Birth Chart, Because I am an astrologer – as well as a staunch fan of the Duchess – it is my duty to analyze her birth chart to the best of my ability.

Meghan Markle

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The first thing I noticed when looking at Meghan’s birth chart is that it is bowl-shaped. This essentially means that most of her planets congregate in one area of ​​her birth chart, which has a major impact on the dynamics of her life! Most of his personal planets are located at the bottom of his birth chart, symbolically tied to everything that happens behind the scenes, This essentially means that there is a very private side to Meghan’s life that no one else sees. Only the people Meghan truly trusts will ever be able to see the full extent of her personality. She takes care of the people she loves while keeping her circle tidy. She is incredibly family-oriented and introverted, and because she has a Libra Moon in her chart ruling house and fourth house of roots, she is someone who is a wife, a mother, and a nurturer.


Only the people Meghan truly trusts will ever be able to see the full extent of her personality. She keeps her enclosure tight and well protected.


However, it cannot be denied that Meghan has experienced a lot of conflict in her family as well, especially when it comes to her relationship with her father and her half-sister. After all, her Moon sign also forms a challenging square with her Mars in Cancer. This may indicate a lot of conflict and tension in his family, especially because Mars – the planet of courage and war– Sensitive and emotional Cancer does not like to go through, a zodiac sign that can be quite passive aggressive and indirect. This passive aggression manifests itself as Meghan’s father and half-sister arguing with Meghan through the media rather than addressing her directly, respectfully and privately, which is the very definition of passive aggressive. In addition, Meghan’s Pluto—the planet of creation and destruction—as well as her Saturn – Planet of Difficulty and Restrictions– is in the fourth house of his home and family, which is directly hovering over his Libra Moon, which shows how much these conflicts have affected him. Restricting contact with her father was in her best interest at the time and resolving the issue could be the journey of a lifetime for the Duchess.

Meghan Markle Prince Harry

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Why are the tabloids so obsessed with him?

All this negative publicity definitely goes to Meghan Markle, who clarified during her controversial interview with Oprah that no one has been able to hear her side of the story. After all, her Chiron – the planet of your greatest wound – is located in the 11th house of her community and multimedia. When the tabloids tear her down and judge her every move, there is no doubt that it deeply hurts Meghan. however, because Chiron is famous for its healing abilitiesMeghan also has the potential to drive positive change in a big way. Make no mistake – when the public hates the Duchess of Sussex, it doesn’t stop her from her goal of making the world a better place. She cares about you even if you don’t care about her.


She comes across as driven and ambitious, which are qualities that are taken for granted in women, especially if they speak up when they have been wronged.


When people look at Meghan Markle, they don’t always see the full extent of her incredibly kind and compassionate personality. after all he Mars – the planet of ambition and aggressionShe is in her first house, which means she comes across as driven, ambitious and highly emotional. These are all qualities that are relinquished in women, especially if they have the courage to speak up when injustice is done (and everyone knows Meghan has no problem doing so). Because her unlucky Mars is located at 11 degrees, known as the degree of social networks, it encourages people to badmouth her on the Internet, even if they don’t actually know her.

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Was she destined for greatness?

Even though Meghan is a deeply private person who takes every opportunity to break free from public scrutiny, it cannot be denied that she was set for fame, In fact, Meghan Markle’s life story is very similar to that of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana. After all, Meghan’s birth chart has not one, but two Yoda formations. In astrology, a yoga is known as the “finger of God” and it essentially means that you were born to do something incredible in this lifetime. You were reborn to be the human incarnation of Karma! This only makes sense, as Meghan is the first person of African American descent to have married into the British royal family. Having yoga in your birth chart is a serious business. Oh and Princess Diana’s birth chart had one very,


Meghan Markle’s life story is very similar to that of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.


Since the Yoda formations in Meghan Markle’s chart incorporate Pluto in the fourth house of the house and family, she should Neptune in the sixth house of public service In your 11th house of social mobility, the “finger of God” is pressing very hard on it, along with its chirps. As well as being a force for charity and positive change, her lifelong struggle to overcome negative media portrayals is central to her impact on the world. Her attempt to leave the toxic family dynamic behind and build her own home is also a core element of her story.

Like her or not, Meghan Markle isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And if you stick around long enough, you’ll realize how lucky the world is to have someone like him.

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