Megan Thee Stallion and Karl Crawford fired shots at each other when he and J. Prince responds to his $1 million request in lawsuit

battle between Megan The Stallion and his record label 1501 Certified Entertainment continues, and a revised complaint was recently added as he requested $1 million in damages as he alleged. “Short payment of royalties.” She is also asking a judge to determine whether her 2021 project “Something for the Hotties,” is considered an album that would fulfill her contract with 1501, allowing her to leave the label.

Following news of his revised complaint, Jay Prince took to Instagram and said,

“Over the years we as MTS have stood quietly and at Rock Nation his MGMT lied about Carl Crawford and his 1501 label. The truth is that Carl discovered, developed and perfected MTS early in his career. which led to a life-changing distribution agreement with 300 Entertainment for her. From an initial deal with Megan in 1501, long before MTS became a household name, 1501 generously gave Megan 40% of its profits. agreed to, which is much higher than the customary record royalties a new artist would receive from a record label.”

Carl also reposted Jay Prince’s message to his Instagram account.

It didn’t take long for Megan to take to Twitter to clap at both Karl Crawford and Jay Prince. He clapped back and said,

“When my mama died I knew there was a bunch of hood n***s who just started a label for the first time I haven’t been able to manage properly, so I got on with Ro. .. by this time I was a big artist and I asked to talk again… don’t leave what was wrong with that? That guy is greedy.”

She continued, “It’s ridiculous for this guy to talk to his back up on the internet like he made me… were you writing my songs? Were you recording my rapping in my dorm room with me what?

Carl Crawford went live on Instagram to respond to Megan, claiming she’s not actually from Houston, TX and that she hasn’t returned to town to help work with other artists.

After catching some of Carl’s comments from his live, Megan gave him one last message.

As previously reported, both Carl and Megan got involved earlier this month, when she claimed that there were leaks from her project that caused her to release her latest album prematurely.tramazine,

TSR Staff: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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