Meeting these women made me suspicious of my best friend

Dear Harriet: My best friend is one of the cutest people I’ve ever met. He recently introduced me to his other friends, and I was surprised to learn that they are pretty much a bunch of bad guys. He doesn’t seem like a good person at all.

We stayed with him for about three hours, and he spent at least two of them talking badly about other people. He even gossiped about his own friends!

Now I’m feeling unsure about whether my best friend does the same thing to me when I’m not around. I don’t trust mean girls, and I worry that I’ve become friends with someone who surrounds himself with them.

Can my friend be a mean girl too? Should I approach her about how uncomfortable her other friends have made me?

too much gossip

Dear much gossip: Remember how your best friend treats you. Look back in time to remember the special moments the two of you shared together. How has he treated you? This is important because you want to judge her on the basis of her actions, not the actions of her friends.

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