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Donald Sutherland

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Donald Sutherland One of the most loved actors for more than 50 years. from his early work in classics such as M*A*S*H And animal house recent hits like The Hunger Games Movies, Donald have been loved by audiences for generations.

Throughout his life, Donald has been married three times, and fathered five children during his other two marriages. was his first marriage Lois May Hardwick from 1959 to 1966, and then they married late Shirley Douglas, With whom he had two children before, from 1966 to 1970. they married Francine Racket in 1972, and the couple has three children. Learn more about all of Donald’s children here!

Kiefer Sutherland

Donald’s eldest son Kiefer has found great success on his own. (Matt Sayles / InVision / AP / Shutterstock)

Perhaps the most famous of Donald’s children, keefer Was born in 1966 to Donald and Lois along with his twin sister Rachel. Notably, all four of Donald’s sons are named after directors he has worked with in some capacity. The name of his eldest for . was Warren Pine, who directed one of the actor’s early films Palace of the living dead. Keefer, 55, has been very popular in Hollywood almost until His father has it! He started his film career in 1983 Max Dugan Returns, in which his father acted. During the 80s, Kiefer starred in several classic films such as support me And the Lost Boys, Throughout the ’90s, she continued to have film roles, including in the beloved films flatliner, But his biggest role came in 2001 when he played Jack Bauer in the long-running series 24, Since then, he has played other roles in both TV and movies, but he is most famous 24.

While Kiefer’s father is a film legend, the two rarely acted on screen together, but father and son worked together for the film. foreshadowing in 2016. “I’ve seen him all my life, and the opportunity to work with him was something I’ve wanted my entire career,” he said. good Morning America those days.

Throughout his life, Kiefer has been married twice, and has one daughter. Sarah, 34, with his ex-wife Camellia Cath. Sarah Sutherland is continuing the acting family tradition, as she has also broken into business, particularly in political comedies. Veep,

Rachel Sutherland

Rachel posing with her father and siblings at a red carpet event. (FaceVision/WENN/Newscom/The Mega Agency)

Like her twin brother, Rachel has also gone into the entertainment business along with her famous family members. While her father, brother and half-brother are actors, Rachel has worked mostly behind the scenes! While she has dabbled in casting, production, art, cameras and wardrobe, Rachel has been a production manager for several different TV shows. She has worked on series like this The burden of truth, nurse, and many more, per his imdb Page.

Sutherland Greek

Roeg poses with his father and siblings as Donald accepts a star on the Walk of Fame. (Nikki Nelson / WENN / Newscom / The Mega Agency)

After Donald and Shirley separated in 1970, he remarried in 1972 to his third wife, Francine. The couple had the eldest son. greek, 48, in 1974. He is nominated for director Nicholas Roeg, Who did Donald work with on the 1973 photo Do not look now, Like his half-sister Rachel, Roeg is also into the entertainment business, but prefers to stay behind the scenes. He is Co-Head of International Film Group and Co-Head of Media Finance for CAA, Peru Diversity,

rossif sutherland

Rossif is also an actor who has appeared in shows like ‘ER’. (JSS Images/BEI/Shutterstock)

Donald and Francine welcomed rossiff, 43, in September 1978. He was named for a French director Frederick Rossiff, But unlike his brothers, he is actually a director with whom his mother worked in the 1971 film As far as love Like his parents and older half-brother, Rossieff is an actor who made his debut in the 2003 film Time, Rossiff has appeared in popular TV shows like Saint And Isand some of his biggest movies have been thrillers River (2015) and owner (2020). In 2016, they married Selina Sinden, And he has a son.

angus sutherland

Angus is a writer and producer. (splashnews)

Donald and Francine’s youngest son Angus Radford, 39, arrived in September 1982. His middle name was taken after Donald ordinary people the director Robert Redford. Angus made his debut as an actor in 2005, when he appeared in an episode of commander in chief, His most notable acting role though probably came in 2008, when he played Anton Harold and Kumar escaped from Guantanamo Bay. Even though he is an actor, Angus has also stepped behind the camera on a few occasions, most notably he was the producer of the hit 1917, To imdb,

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