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Drea, played by riverdales Camila Mendez, had a full life until she was “absolutely destroyed” by her lover. She soon meets Eleanor, played by strange things Star Maya HawkJoe is looking for vengeance after his bully, Carissa, starts a dirty rumor about him labeling him a “hunter”.

Maya Hawk
Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes in ‘Do Revenge’. (Netflix)

“We should team up and avenge each other,” Dre told Eleanor take revenge Trailer. Eleanor just doesn’t want to pay Carissa. “I want to burn her to the ground,” vows Eleanor, leaving what she says to the chief. fatal Attraction-esque “Glenergy.”

Together, Dria and Eleanor work to bring down those who have wronged them. Drea thinks it would be “easy” to remove Carissa. “It’s very easy to destroy a girl,” admits Dre. Drea’s ex, Max, is a different story. Dre plots to expose Eleanor to Max. “Teenage girls, we’re psychopaths,” Eleanor declared, and she’s not wrong.

official summary for take revenge Reads: “Deria is at the peak of her high school powers when her entire life as the Alpha It-girl on campus goes up in flames when her sex tapes leak all over the school, seemingly That is by her boyfriend and the king of the school, Max. Eleanor is a strange new transfer student who is furious to find out that she now has to go to school with her old bully, Carissa, who, at the age of 13, had taken a summer break. A dirty rumor started about him at the camp. After a secret run-in at tennis at the camp, Dria and Eleanor form an unlikely and secret friendship to seek revenge on each other’s harassers.”

Sophie Turner
Sophie Turner in a scene from ‘Do Revenge’. (Netflix)

stars in the movie Austin Abrams, Rishi Shah, Talia Ryder, thanks capri, Jonathan Davis, Maya Refico, Paris Berelcowith Alisha BoyeAnd Sophie Turner, take revengeoperated by jane kaytin robinsonWill release on Netflix on 16 September.

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