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women of real housewives of atlanta It finally made its way to Jamaica during the August 7 episode. Sanya Richards-Rosso She had previously invited everyone, including husbands, on a work trip with her and her husband, and she encouraged everyone to bring plus one, even if they didn’t have a significant other. unfortunately for Kenya Moore, his plus one retreated at the last minute, so he began his journey through his loneliness. However, this did not last very long because soon after arriving in Jamaica, she met a guy and invited him to the cast dinner later that night.

Once at dinner, the cast inquired about Kenya’s date – they asked him how old he was, and Kenya made him blush by mocking his private parts. But that too did not stay for long because even before the food was served, marlowe Hampton And Kandi Burruss Got into a huge argument.

It all started when someone asked ralph pitman To talk about the book he’s writing. This caused Marlowe to ask him if he was adopting Drew Sidora’s son. He originally said he would, but after talks with the boy’s biological father, he decided not to proceed with the adoption. Drew already knew that he had made this decision, but Marlowe began to play on it, and it upset everyone the wrong way. Especially Kandi, who told Marlowe to get out of the conversation because she recently kicked her two nephews out of their house — in Kandi’s eyes, Marlowe isn’t the best person to offer parenting advice.

Kandi’s remarks caused an even bigger uproar, and Marlowe soon took a few hits on Kandi. At first, she said that Kandi prioritizes her mom over husband Todd. And then, she added that Kandi is “known only in Atlanta”. This really annoyed Kandi, as she shouted that she was known “worldwide”. And that wasn’t even the end of dinner – there’s more coming next week, so we imagine things will only get worse.

Want more drama? , new episodes of real housewives of atlanta Airs Sunday nights at 8pm on Bravo.

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