Marali Nichols Shades Tristan Thompson After Khloe Kardashian Baby

Not so intelligent, after all? Marali Nichols shadows Tristan Thompson After the birth of his second child with Khloé Kardashian. After posting a cryptic post on Instagram, the former fitness trainer posted her own, which may have taken a toll on her.

Maralee posted a mirror selfie on August 12, 2022 instagram She was accompanied in athleisure wear with the caption, “Less time on captions, more time on tasks ️ Never miss a leg day.” Many fans speculated it to be directed towards Tristan Thompson, who gave birth to their child, Theo. Tristan had posted a picture of himself earlier that day. He captioned the post, “I never changed sides, I changed lanes. I got wiser and realized that we are not all created equal #DontTryMe.” A lot of fans slammed Tristan for her caption, with one person commenting, “Yeah and you turn baby mama too.”

Tristan confirmed in January 2022 that he was the father of Marali’s son, who was born in December 2021. “Today, the results of the paternity test show that I gave birth to a baby boy with Marali Nichols. I take full responsibility for my actions,” he wrote in a statement via Instagram at the time. The confirmation comes weeks after the Chicago Bulls basketball player denied rumors that he gave birth to her third child With the former personal trainer, while he was still in a relationship with Khloé. After being cleared, Thompson revealed that he intended to remain a part of his son’s life. “Now that paternity has been established, I look forward to raising my son amicably,” he said.

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Tristan also apologized to Khloé on his Instagram. “Lost, you don’t deserve it. You don’t deserve the heartache and humiliation I’ve caused you. You don’t deserve the way I’ve treated you over the years. My actions definitely deserve your viewing.” Do not match the way. I have the utmost respect and love for you. No matter what you think. Again, I am very sorry.”

an insider told us weekly On July 15, 2022, that Marali do not care About Tristan and Khloe’s new baby together. “She’s really focused on raising Theo.” The source also added that Marali’s main priority is “navigating motherhood as a mother”. She isn’t even “surprised” that Thompson has more children because the source said that “during their relationship, he told her he wanted five to six kids.” Tristan has a son Prince, 5, with ex Jordyn Craig, and a daughter True, 4, with Khloe. However, Tristan appears to be absent from Marali’s son’s life. A representative for Marali told Us Weekly that Tristan “has done nothing to support her son” since his arrival. “He has not made any effort to meet his son nor has he provided any financial assistance.

Khloe, for her part, is still hurt by Tristan for her infidelity and how it happened just before The birth of their surrogate child. “When Khloe found out in December that the surrogate was pregnant, she was overjoyed,” a source said. People On July 14, 2022. “Shortly though, Tristan’s new cheating was exposed. It was a bittersweet situation for Khloe. She was very excited about the baby, but incredibly disappointed in Tristan. Like Khloe always does, she did it.” Rotated and focused on the good.”

Sources close to the former couple after the birth of a son Confirmed That Khloé will take full custody of their son, but still wants to remain co-parents with Tristan. ,[Tristan] Went Through Finding A Surrogate And All That When He Was Cheating [Khloé ] And it’s unforgivable for him,” a source told We On July 14, 2022. The source continued, “There’s no room in her mind that wants to take Tristan back, she’s really done with him romantically this time.”

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