Man praised for taking back money for daughter’s wedding

Commentators praised a man for withdrawing a deposit for his daughter’s wedding after he was told he couldn’t walk her down the aisle.

The original poster (OP), known as u/CultureFantastic4947, posted about the situation redditof the popular “Am I the A**hole” forum where it received over 14,000 upvotes and 1,800 comments. post can be found Here,

wedding cost

data collected by Knot found that Average wedding cost in 2021 is $28,000The price of the engagement ring is not included.

Traditionally, the bride and family are responsible for paying for the service and reception. However, experts recommend that couples discuss finances before planning a wedding to ensure that everyone is clear about their responsibilities.

Man's support for not paying for daughter's wedding
Commentators backed the man that his daughter stopped talking to him, to get his money back.

Experts also say that couples should make a budget plan so that they do not have to depend on family members for help.

‘Am I a**hole?’

In a post titled “AITA to cut support to my daughter?” The 52-year-old said he has three children with his ex-wife Tracy: Michael, 28, Linda, 25, and Victoria, 23.

The man said that he and Tracy divorced after having an affair with Stan, her now-husband.

The post read, “We never shared the reason for the divorce with the kids because I didn’t want them to blame either of us.” “It backfired because the kids saw their mom move out of the house to a small apartment, and I live in the house and remarry two years after the divorce. So they saw me as the bad guy.”

According to the person, Tracy and Stan weren’t tough on the kids, so they had to step in as “disciplinarian” to make sure schoolwork and appointments happened.

When her son Michael learns that Tracy didn’t have money for their college, which was outlined in the divorce agreement, she asks him to take out student loans.

Then Linda realized that her poor grades would prevent her from attending her desired program at school.

‘a surprise’

“My two oldest finally realized I wasn’t the bad guy,” the post read. “My youngest child never came. So it was a surprise when her boyfriend asked for my blessing to ask for her hand. When I expressed that I didn’t think she would care about my blessing, she said she did this. emphasized.”

The man said that his youngest, Victoria, began to spend more time with him and his wife and said that being together “felt wonderful”.

“I went to book a place with them, and they will get married next summer,” the post read. “I paid the deposit and the first installment.”

But after paying, the man said he noticed Victoria becoming less communicative and ignoring her texts or not coming through.

‘Daddy’s Girl’

Recently, the man’s son sent him an instagram Victoria’s post at her engagement party to which she was not invited.

“One of the pictures was with Stan and it read, ‘Anyone can be a father. It takes a real man to be a father. This wonderful boy has been my father for 15 years, even though he doesn’t have to be’ Was. I’m so lucky she walked me down the aisle next year! #daddysgirl #futuremrsx,” the post read.

When he asked Tracy why he was not invited, he said that Victoria did not want his wife there because it should be a “drama-free day”, although he said that his wife had never started drama.

He then asked if Stan would be walking Victoria down the aisle, and although Tracy did not answer, Victoria called him and demanded to know what his “problem” was.

“I repeated my question and she replied that no, Stan, his father, would be walking him down the aisle,” the post read. “I told her I’d be fine if that’s what she wanted. I told her to tell Stan that the next wedding payment was due in November.”

He says he knows Stan and Tracy can’t afford this marriage and both think he’s a s**hole. His daughter, Linda, says that if he takes the money back, Victoria will never speak to him again, but his son is defending him.

redditor reactions

More than 1,400 users commented on the post, with many supporting the man’s decision to withdraw money for the wedding.

One user said, “NTA. If you are not his father in his eyes why would you pay for the marriage.” “And here’s a new idea… the bride and groom can pay for the wedding instead of the parents!!!”

“NTA. Maybe now is the time to tell your kids the real reason behind the divorce,” said another.

“You’re not cutting support, you’re refusing to pay the rest of the wedding expenses when you’re going to be humiliated at the event,” said another. “It’s pretty obvious that Victoria cohabited with you for a while (and even her boyfriend asked for your blessings) to make you pay for everything.”

“The truth about your divorce was ugly and unpleasant to Tracy, so you obviously agreed to hide it forever, OP… not only until the kids are older, but forever,” added another Told. “That decision has bitten you in the butt and cost you your relationship with at least one adult child.”

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