Machine Gun Kelly responds to tour bus vandalism

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 12: Machine Gun Kelly attends the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards at Barclays Center on September 12, 2021 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.  (Photo by Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images for MTV / ViacomCBS)

machine gun Kelly He is speaking out against the man who vandalized one of his mainstream sellout tour buses. The perpetrator in question spray-painted both sides of the vehicle, with phallic imagery on one side and a homophobic slur reading “Rap Devil F*****” on the other.

According to him instagram The story was accompanied by Singer tour buses, both of which were parked outside a hotel in Omaha, NE until about 4:30, meaning the incident could not have happened until about 5 a.m., although the perpetrator has yet to be identified. Yes, MGK had a lot to say on social media about what happened.

“You could have been at home, hugging with your partner, doing something, and instead you were like, ‘Goddamn, I just want him to go to his hotel room so I can do this d** I can paint K!'” MGK said on his Instagram Story that before he could see it himself, the mural was removed. “Aren’t you sad? I’m still in bed, I don’t enjoy it. You suck.”

The Omaha Police Department reports that they were able to “easily remove” the paint without causing any visible damage to the tour bus through the use of mineral oil. Apparently, MGK’s private tour bus also did poorly, which he noted as he addressed the people behind the act. “You’re so dumb. You spray painted a bus, thinking it was my bus. Wrong bus, you idiot,” he said. Across the Instagram video, Kelly wrote, “Couldn’t even do the crime right smh.”

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