Los Angeles Dodgers Peanut-Pitching Vendor Can’t Pitch Peanuts – Deadline

Los Angeles Dodgers Not saying “nuts to you”. They just want to keep Peanuts-loving fans safe when they find their dung, or so they claim.

vendor Roger OwensKnown for his talent for pitching Groundnut For fans in the game, now banned by their employer, Levi’s RestaurantBy throwing bags at the fans.

Owens told the Los Angeles Times Levi’s Restaurant cited its fan safety for the ban.

Peanut-pitching Owens isn’t just any seller. He once appeared on Johnny Carson tonight show To showcase your skills. He has been a stadium vendor since 1962, and is as much a part of the show as it is on the field.

Still, he is not challenging the ruling, saying he does not want to “pick the fight” with Levi.

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