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with the second season of only murders in the building Wrapped, Selena Gomez returned to music to finish it on the remix of Rema“Please calm down.” After teasing the track with a video of how she was”really excited“And to be on the song “Honored”, the track was dropped on Thursday (August 25). Selena lent her voice to the track from Nigerian rapper/singer, creating a track that Selena said was pure “fun”. was.

Some of Selena’s songs on “Calm Down” include sultry lines, such as “Yeah I know I look shy but for you I get down, oh wow and when I’m walking around you My hips make you cry.” The two also share a sexy back-and-forth on the first verse, as Selena sings “Mhmm” to Rema’s lyrics. The Nigerian native also shares the bubbly energy, saying, “I see this nice girl, to my party she wears yellow / Every other girl they do pretty much but this girl is sweet.”

since release rare In 2019, Selena has been selective with her musical output. He famously collaborated with dark pink 2020 for “Ice Cream”, a song that reached number 13 Board Hot 100. That too. jumped on the remix of Trevor Danielsof “the past life.” In 2021, she released revelation, Her fourth EP and her first EP mainly feature Spanish-language music. The project was his most positively reviewed release to date, with a score of 83. metacritic, Selena teamed up with Colombian singer camillo “999” to be released in August 2021, and the song peaked at number 7. Board 25 on the US Latin Pop Airplay chart and Hot Latin Songs chart. Selena also lent her voice.”let someone go“Third single from Distasteful gameninth album of ball music, In February 2022, she joined the lead singer Chris Martin for black and white music video For breakup ballads.

Beyond those pieces, Selena’s focus seems to be less behind a microphone and more when in front of a camera. his hulu series only murders in the building has won over fans and critics alike, and as of August 2022, pre-production has begun. in the shadow of the mountainbiopic based on Silvia Vasquez-LavadoMemoir of Selena will play the mountaineer who was the first lesbian woman to climb the Seven Summits. Selena is also producing the film through her July Moon Productions company, and Source Told hollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY in 2020 that Selena sees this as a role that will be “a catalyst for the next phase of her career”.

Frank Miselota / Picturegroup / Shutterstock

Selena talks about life after music in 2021. “It’s hard to do music when people don’t take you seriously,” she said. vogue magazine, “I have moments where I’ve been like, ‘What’s the matter? Why do I keep doing this?’ … before I say goodbye to music, I want to give it one last try. … Frankly, I just want to start. I want everything to be brand new. I want someone Love me like I’m brand new.

However, Selena teased in May 2021 that her next album was on the way. she posted a picture of her wearing an “SG3” bracelet on his Instagram story. “SG3” is the name fans have given him a follow-up rare, because it would be his third album after his time at Hollywood Records (aka The Disney Music Group). In July 2022, Selena posted a short, silent clip on TikTok wearing his headphones While standing in front of the microphone. Obviously, Selena will never give up music, because of the lyrics and songwriting”like medicine” For him.

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