Lindsey Graham as court temporarily restrains Georgia subpoena about 2020 election

a summons that would require a senator Lindsey Graham (RS.C.) was on Tuesday to testify in the Georgia 2020 election interference investigation temporarily blocked by a federal appeals court on Sunday morning.

according to a two page orderThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit stated that the subpoena will be temporarily on hold until a federal district court determines that Graham is “a partial revocation of the summons to appear before a special purpose grand jury or deserves amendment.”

The move effectively hands the case back to federal district court, which informed Graham last week that he had to testify, rejecting his request to refrain from testifying on the grounds that his status as a Is federal legislature gives him immunity.

“The Court found that the District Attorney has shown extraordinary circumstances And there is a special need for Senator Graham’s testimony on issues related to alleged attempts to influence or disrupt the lawful administration of Georgia’s 2022 elections,” the judge said. Leigh Martin MayWrote last week.

Peach State Prosecutors Are Interested in Graham’s Two Phone Calls to Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger and their employees shortly after the 2020 election. Raffensperger told Washington Post Graham inquired about Georgia election law And whether Raffensperger had the power to take out some mail-in ballots.

Judge May also on Friday denied South Carolina Senator’s Request delay The scheduled testimony, four days after his request to have the summons canceled in its entirety, was denied.

In this context, the public interest is well served when a legitimate investigation aimed at uncovering the facts and circumstances of alleged attempts to disrupt or influence Georgia’s elections is allowed to proceed without unnecessary weight. in the judge wrote on Friday.

Graham’s lawyers have underlined that while Graham has been summoned in the Georgia investigation, he has target not recognized, Many other prominent figures—including rapists. pair i did (R-Ga.) and Donald Trump’s former lawyer rudy giuliani And John Eastman-it’s also Gone summons issued in investigation.

Graham’s attorney has yet to comment on today’s ruling. politician,

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