Lili Reinhart is saying goodbye to ‘See Both Ways’ and ‘Riverdale’

Lili Reinhart wasn’t really interested in playing a “rom-com” with a happy ending, but she changed her mind after reading the script for it. netflix movie Look both ways.

“I don’t usually see them, to be honest,” she said. Newsweek. “And I’ve always wanted to make movies that I would personally watch or know I would watch. But I remember my manager talking about this double story situation.”

look both ways, A romantic drama directed by Kenyan film director Vanuri Kahiu also starring Ayesha Dee, Danny Ramirez and David Corenswet, is a Heart touching film depicting the life of a girl Like different paths. The film follows Natalie (Reinhart), a recent college graduate and aspiring animator, who takes a pregnancy test on the night of her graduation.

From that moment on, the film shows two parallel realities, one in which Natalie moves to L.A. to pursue her dream career, and the other in which she lives with her parents and becomes a young mother.

netflix "look both ways" Los Angeles Special
Above, Lili Reinhart attends a special screening of Netflix’s “Look Both Ways” Los Angeles on August 16, 2022 in Hollywood, California. Reinhart recently sat down with Newsweek to discuss the film and the ending of “Riverdale.”
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“She finds love in both lives, her heart breaks in both lives,” Reinhart said. “It wasn’t, you know, the story of abortion. It was a story about the decisions of a woman when she was able to get privileged.”

Reinhart, who also produced the film, said that the message was not about a woman who was forced to choose between her career and her family, and that the subject was only made possible with the right director. .

“We wanted a female filmmaker as a director who is a mother, and so we got Vanuri (Kahu),” he said. “She has two kids and she’s just an amazing director and we wanted to make sure that, for Natalie’s sake, when she had a baby, she didn’t give up her whole life and sit there and accept that she was a mom now. She couldn’t do anything.”

“It probably took her longer to get to where she was supposed to be, but she was still actively together, raising her child, chasing her dreams, and that was the biggest point for us. Which we wanted to make, especially for young moms, your life doesn’t end with another child,” Reinhart said.

She said she also hopes to be a working mom someday: “Hopefully, I plan on it. And I’m still working when I’m a mom. I know I’m still on my own.” Will actively work in a career when I’m taking my breaks. For my baby and for me, but I’m very ambitious, and it doesn’t go away when you have a baby.”

And Reinhart is excited for what’s to come, but isn’t sad in the slightest. upcoming completion of Riverdale.

After six seasons, the cast is preparing Season 7 to be the last, And Reinhart shared that saying goodbye to the show is going to be full of emotions.

“It’s bittersweet for the definition of bittersweet and I’ll never really have another experience like this in my life. So I don’t take it lightly,” she said. “I know I’ll never spend seven years doing a project with the same people. And so the fact that I can go into the seventh season and look at my co-stars and say, ‘Hey ‘This is our last run. Let’s give it everything we’ve got and let’s enjoy each other too.'”

“I’m really scared of the day it’s over because I’ll be crying, but I told my team, I told my friends, when riverdale ends and I’m home, I’ll just need a good two weeks to process and maybe be left alone for a bit,” she said with a laugh.

Reinhart said that Riverdale owes a lot to make her the actress she is today.

“I really feel like I can do anything after playing Betty Cooper for six seasons,” she said. “I think as crazy riverdale The work I have been able to do as an actor in a show is just amazing.”

And all the diversity within the show has prepared her for future endeavors, which she hopes will be nothing like another one: “I’m really trying to spread my wings and play different kinds of women.” One character isn’t like the next, and just keep doing 180s for each character. And that’s what makes me so much fun. You know, I don’t want to play the same character twice, and I don’t want to. They may be alike from afar.”

“Career wise, if I could choose, I would love to have such a series of very different women that I get to play,” Reinhart said.

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