Like everyone else, the Emmy nominations for 2022 . before voters’ time ran out

Oscar winners from March to May Viola Davis, Julia Roberts, Anne Hathaway, And Renee Zellweger Each topped a shiny new limited series premiere—after which everyone launched an Emmy campaign. The show received mixed to positive reviews, yet all these actors were eventually dropped. Emmy Nominations on Tuesday, Instead, with the expected front-runner margaret quali ,maid) And Amanda Seyfried ,drop out), Emmy-winning stars of earlier shows in the TV season, namely Julia Garner ,Anna’s Invention) and surprisingly Sarah Paulson ,Impeachment: American Crime Story), made its way into the competitive category. They also beat other late spring onsets, such as candy‘s Jessica Biel And a very british scandal‘s Claire Foy.

The story of this year’s Emmy nominations was one of a kind: Not unlike casual or avid TV viewers, voters simply ran out of it. In the limited-series race, nearly every major April or May launch fared poorly: FX’s under the banner of heaven and HBO Max ladder Received only a lead-acting nomination, while Starz’s gaslitshowtime’s first ladyof netflix anatomy of a scamHulu’s candy And plainville girlParamount+’s offerFX’s PistolApple TV+’s Essex Serpentsand HBO’s we own this city Above the line were empty, if not completely.

Some of it has to do with content—the Television Academy has long ignored it David Simon shows, and did you see them? first Lady Reviews?—But there’s more to do with time. It’s no coincidence that out of the five best limited-series nominees, the latest premiere date was March 3 (drop out), while the obvious front-runners launched back in 2021 (white Lotus And dopesic,

The narrative is clearest in the limited-series race because that’s where it all spring Emmy bats. stuck together, Based on HBO Max’s campaigns and the cast and subject matter of both shows, who would have expected that ladder would have come up with only two nominations, whereas station elevenWill, the unheard but brilliant critical darling since late last year, manage seven? How did you do it Pam and Tommy Not only does it break into the top category, but it also managed 10 nominations, which is significantly more than Hulu’s clearly strong contender, drop out, The more time a show had to give to its audience, generally speaking, the better it performed.

So let’s make a rule, then: Recency bias rarely works in favor of the modern Emmy campaign. There are exceptions, such as the disappearance of Netflix. maid After a strong winter guild-awards run (though this was already turned down by the WGA, indicating continued weakness with the industry). and already established Emmy favorites who returned late in the game, like hacks And barryStay strong. But overall, both established and new hits benefited from months of discovery.

“I felt so ahead of the game this year, I felt like I had it all locked and loaded—and then when it came time to vote, I was like, ‘Oh my god, I didn’t see that, I did. ‘I didn’t see that, I didn’t see that,’ a Television Academy member told me earlier this month. Might try to see. I’ve come as close as I’ve come this year.”

It sums up how we all watched TV this year—so the more time you have to sit down with something, the better. ted lasso It aired last summer but received a total of 20 nominations. Anna’s Invention hit Netflix in February—to bad reviews!—but fell in the top limited-series category. Or check out this year’s oral events. Showtime got off to a great start yellow Jacket After right The reboot took place last winter, and today the series snagged a Best Drama Series slot, along with several acting and writing. SeparationWhich debuted quietly in February and garnered incredible buzz as Apple TV+ became a critic’s favorite of the weekly debut—it’s up for 14 Emmys, as does Netflix squid gameAnother new sensation which premiered in 2021. Or Abbott PrimaryWhich led to the great network-comedy revival at the top of 2022, finding new fans with each episode on Twitter and on Hulu and ABC over the months.

These shows have one thing in common, not to mention white Lotus either station eleven Or many others, didn’t they come very strong. They didn’t have a huge movie star attached, they weren’t dramatizing some of the most important true-to-life stuff lately. Conversely, it’s remarkable how many of those heavily late spring premieres were a) fronted by A-listers and b) inspired by incredibly famous or incredibly compelling factual material. Oscar nominee John C. Reilly And Josh Brolin Return to TV for HBO win time and prime video outer rangerespectively (both premiered in the spring), interested voters. fewer Separation‘s Adam Scott And squid game‘s Lee Jung-jaeBoth nominated for the first time. station eleven‘s Himesh Patel Was recognized more than Oscar winners Jared Leto ,we crash) And Sean Penn ,gaslit), as well as Marvel stars Samuel L Jackson ,the last days of ptolemy gray) And Paul Bettany ,a very british scandalIt marks a big, ongoing change for Emmy voters who, not long ago, couldn’t help themselves from nominating any notable film actors who did TV. (remember that the unforgivable by Ellen Burstyn cameo Enrollment.)

In this not-so-distant era of awards shows, that would be unimaginable, because Julia Roberts Playing a polarizing role in American politics went on to earn career-best reviews, only to be completely stripped of the Emmys. We can blame the amount of content out there, the constant challenge Starz projects have in getting nominated. But I’d argue that regardless of each contender’s particular circumstances, this spring’s starry docudrama ultimately cannibalized each other. With so many to choose from, voters simply tuned in—and went with what they already had a chance to see.


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