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high cost of college
Hurts students, families

I’m all for student loan relief, but the program announced Wednesday doesn’t address the astronomical cost of college.

Having three kids in college during the pandemic, I was puzzled as to why tuition was the same, while colleges were offering distance learning. My daughter started her senior year at UC Berkeley yesterday. I called him and asked, “So it’ll be like New Years, with everything in person?” “I only have one personal class and it’s a lab,” she said. So for $40,000 a year, fully covered with room, board, tuition and fees, my daughter has a class. She could come and go and stay at home. What is this college experience like?

Universities have learned to save money with distance learning, and charge higher prices while pushing their fee structure through billions in COVID-19 relief. This reinforcement cycle is hurting the students and the families who support them.

andrea bloom

casteist housing policy
draws little attention

UC Berkeley has a private, off-campus housing co-op that has announced that “white guests are not allowed in the same spaces.” I want to know why this was not reported in the local media. i really wanted to find out NY Post via reddit. Also, why haven’t our local legal establishments taken it to heart?

You can be sure that the terms Hispanic, Asian or Black were substituted for the word white in the referenced rule that the ACLU and one or more DAs would be shouting foul and suing. In the article referenced, a mixed-race tenant denied entry to his white father.

ACLU, Fair Housing, etc – Where are you? If discrimination is wrong, isn’t discrimination on the contrary wrong?

Robert Drury

column twist climate
figures in lies

again. ,IRA will not reduce inflation or affect climate change“page A7, Aug. 25:

Typically, the writings of Mark Thiessen are meant to steal a phrase from his “statistically indistinguishable” lie from his August 25 column. But in the same column, he comes very close to revealing an important fact.

Thiessen quotes climate skeptic Bj√∂rn Lomborg, who says, “Even if the US … went to net-zero … it would reduce global temperatures by only 0.3 degrees Fahrenheit in 2100.”

Yes, it is important to know that the United States cannot solve the climate crisis on its own. But does this mean for Thiessen (or Lomborg) that we should do nothing? Not at all We need to act like the rest of the world, and as a major polluter, our action should help inspire everyone to do their part as we do our part now.

A 3-degree reduction would be very rewarding and only 10 times Lomborg’s incredible American contribution. The world can get there, with others following the American example.

Marilyn Dorfman

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