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Upset with Playoff Lenny.
It seems one of the best pass rushers in the game wants Playoff Lenny taken out. Or at least stopped.
Playoff Lenny had the hit of the regular season in 2022. Last night when feared Cowboys pass rusher Micah Parsons began warming up and abusing backup left tackle Josh Wells, Playoff Lenny had enough.
Tom Brady went back to pass and connect with Julio Jones on a 48-yard bomb and Parsons was about to go wilding on Brady once again. But once Parsons got a step on Wells, Playoff Lenny stepped up and rocked his world (video below).
Message sent by Playoff Lenny: eff with the left tackle but you’re going through me to get to my quarterback.
The video of Playoff Lenny’s jarring blast went viral and made its way to the Twitter feed of Von Miller who retweeted it and demanded the NFL abolish Playoff Lenny’s hit.
Look, are people allowed to get hit any longer? You can’t hit dudes in the noggin and you can’t hit guys low and in the knees. If what Playoff Lenny did is illegal, where can you next hit a player, in the nuts? And how long will it take for that to be banned?
It’s not like Playoff Lenny was trying to pull a Hardy Brown on Parsons.
This block must be taken out the game ! This is the future and we are just letting the offense tee off on our marquee pass rushers! You can get the job done without this much contact! https://t.co/alEmMzEehk
— Von Miller (@VonMiller) September 12, 2022

Von is tripping. Without this much contact ??? Clean hit. Facing him . I hope Lenny gives Von the same treatment.
F Von Miller
vonny sounds like a sissy
This from the man who’s been flagged more than once for a cheap shot. You can google it. I agree f VM
It’s not even that bad. 4Nette didn’t leave his feet. Didn’t throw his whole body into him. He hit him with his shoulder.. that’s it. Granted Lenny is a big man,
But Come on man.
Looks like Lenny’s pre season weight worked out just fine
Micah Parsons literally said Crack blocks happens it’s football.
Good lord. Brittle spirit crybabies.
Maybe Von Miller and Micah Parsons should have a YouTube channel where they just wipe each other’s tears at the injustices they face as pass rushers.
Notice how Parsons all but disappeared from the game after that block? He was seeing things out of the corner of his eyes the rest of the game.
protect tommy b at all costs !
“you can get the job done without this much contact.”
What? The jobs not done until the whistle blows and putting Parsons on the ground rather than being upright makes the job that much easier.
Good DE’s get chipped all the time by TE’s and RB’s, this is nothing new. It was a good, clean block with his shoulder. Nothing to see here but a good, physical play by the RB.
Von you just showed your va*ina lips 💋.
Our favorite sport has been watered down and sissified enough as it is. I’m totally in favor of removing every player safety rule implemented since 1970 and letting a four year old be the sole arbiter of what a catch is. The players are well compensated for the risks that they take (and they are real), so their whining should fall on deaf ears.
Boo Hoo! hand me a tissue to wipe my _ _ _!
When Godwin got cut down on a low hit, the NFL degfensive players said that it’s part of the game…..but when it goes the other way, now it’s a problem?! He can get one of those blocks too if he likes
I clearly think of it as a “chip” block more than a “crackback” block.
Lenny is clearly just to the left of Tom Brady as the play starts and clearly in the easy view of Parsons. Lenny chips Parsons and then another little chip on a 2nd Cowgirl and then looks to slide over the line of scrimmage to be an outlet receiver for Tom.
Lenny’s grade should be 100 on that one. Show that one over and over to all of the other running backs in the film room.
Is he kidding? Cuz if he’s not, he’s a crybaby pu$$y.
I didn’t know Von Miller was such a p_ssy! PINBALL FLIPPER LENNY did his job!!!
Von getting destroyed on Twitter right now.
Didn’t this skirt retire?
Had he not made that back, Brady would have been lit up! C’mon dude it’s football, not powder puff!!
Keep that up Von and Lenny will be introducing that move to you in the Super Bowl!
Clean block. Used his shoulder. Why the fuss?
Von is wrong on this one. It’s a clean chip.
Shut up Von, you F pu**y
lenny was bringing the heat last night !
This cupcake has anime as his avatar, says everything about this millennial lightweight.
Was a clean hit. Bravo Lenny! Teamwork= Together Everyone Achieves More!
Lenny’s shoulder comes up under his chin a bit, looking at this angle. The way the NFL is, I could see them saying no to this IF he hit his head. The NFL is so soft anymore, nothing would surprise me. I can’t remember what game it was yesterday, but some CB or safety had a lineman coming at him with a ball carrier right behind him. He tried to dive through the lineman’s leg to make the tackle and got an illegal chop block called on him. Who knows with the NFL anymore.
Von Miller you just embarrassed yourself with that laughable comment.
You look like a fool with that take.
Great chip-block on Parsons. Text-book. As soon as Brady saw Parsons on his butt, he casually flipped a 48-yard bomb to Julio. As a team, that was darn-near a perfect play.
Plus, I counted at least 3 very angry runs by Lenny. He completely ran over 3 guys, twice it happened to #28 on Cowboys defense. Lenny should get the Scepter this week.
Love to see the fire in our team this first game. They came to play hard and lay some wood – on offense. Color me impressed. We have a few issues to correct, but hopefully that fire will torch them Aints next week. Great game!!!!
He can’t go low, he can’t go high. So he hit him square in the chest. What else can he do? Not hit him?
I watch football specifically to see plays like this.
Von Miller is a sissy Biotch! That was a clean legal block, and I loved it!
That was a clean shot
It’s a miracle what a few extra pork chops……seconds of mashed potatoes and 3 pieces of pecan pie can do for a man…….Just ask TBBF…..
D-Rok. I am rooting for Fournette for the Angry Run Sceptor. That chip block may give it to him.
I think Patterson of Atlanta might have gotten it over Lenny but then Atlanta chocked away that dominance and lead to the Aints.
So, I think Lenny will get it.
Turn this game into flag football and people will stop following. It’s already gone far enough.
One of the best plays of the season
Vaniga Miller, oh my. Bad optics dude, crying about a completely legal chip block, something that happens multiple times every game. The fact that the block was effective enough to put Parsons on his behind says more about the defender than a does about the blocker.
I say they switch to Sarcastaball like South Park!! 🙄 … What a punk!!
Leonard was just doing his job and doing it well. There was no malice or intent to injure. He didn’t even really leave his feet. Yeah it’s embarrassing for Parsons but what’s more embarrassing Is Lombardi Lenny running all over the defense. Take it like a man and don’t make yourself look small. Von may also want to stfu before he suffers the same fate. Totally legal hit.
This will become a training video for young backs around the league for many years to come. This is how we do it, this is how we do it….
No need to soften the game more then they have already
DFW is right–Von has had more flags for roughing the QB than anyone!
It’s a chip block, what’s the big deal. It didn’t put Parsons out of the game but he wasn’t a factor rushing the passer after that. Lenny was just trying to protect Brady and made a big statement to the cowboys. You want to tee off on our quarterback we are going to knock the he’ll out of you.
1…….2………3…….wah wah wah. I guess you people will whine if Mike Tyson hits in the face hahahaha
Don’t worry Von, Lenny’s got some for you too buddy
Pass rushers shouldn’t be allowed to Bull rush an offensive tackle either. Come on Vaughn, head on a swivel. That was a thing of beauty.
just an observation from a decades long fan. It’s a great thing that Brady’s intensity followed him to Tampa and the whole Bucs team because they damn sure ain’t gonna get it from Bowles. Did anybody actually see his chest move? He looked exactly the same as he did in NY for 4 years
I remember watching it live it was beautiful
Like he pulls up when he blindsides a qb???? Wasaaaaaah waaaaaaah!!!
@ geno,
After football season last year, the wife and I dumped cable, so I wasn’t able to watch GMFB all off-season. A week ago, we signed up for YouTube TV after ensuring I’d be able to watch Bucs games living way up north in NC. Now I get my football and my GMFB back!! I love the Angry Runs segment, and the Scepter is cool. Lenny had better be on it this week, or something is wrong with Kyle Brandt and them boys, and not just because Kay Adams went on to greener pastures, LOL.
As far as Patterson getting the scepter: Exhibit A: Them Fowlcons lost. Exhibit B: Bucs won. Should go to Lenny, IMO.
Sure but it’s OK for Miller to throw a cheap shot at Brady’s head in PO game.
There’s literally no way to legislate this out of the game, unless you disallow all chip blocks entirely. The NFL can’t have a rule that says, “chipping is allowed, but, you know, not too hard.” A rule has to be clearly defined.
Besides, it looked like a clean hit. He didn’t go for his knees or helmet. What’s the injury risk here?
Defenses cannot hit QBs high, low, land on them, etc. He’s just asking to make it fair for everyone. I get his point.
Ha! He cries like Drew Brees
Parsons got two sacks before that hit and none after. I’d say that it was pretty effective.
Listn. Vons okay with that headbutt to the chin he gave Brady though. F him.
von is what is wrong with most athletes today; move in silence and they will not see you coming. Vonn maybe next February you get t o feel the punch of lenny in arizona
What a little girly man.
So Miller can’t do his job if he gets blocked? Duh, okay.
Von act like Parson vision is set to Ray Charles and couldn’t look to his right. Also, the same direction he was going til Lenny had other plans. Tight ends and O linemen chip and double team all the time.
Wow. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that block. When did Von Miller become such a puzzzzzy?
Someone call the Wahhhhmbulance. OMG Von. Wow dude. Way to get those panties in a bunch over nothing. Who’s the kitten here??
For those Parsons and Lenny critics like Von Miller. That’s a pancake block. Not only that, Regular Season Lenny blocked a second guy. Could Lenny read Parson’s jersey? Did Lenny club Parsons in the head? Did Lenny grab a face mask? Did Lenny grab, jab or stab Micah? Oh. He threw a grenade in his pants. Or did Parsons just get knocked on his ass. Football. Deal with it, Micah. Lighten up VM.
How long before the Saints take a cheap shot at Lenny’s knees on Sunday? I hope a Bucs coach talks to the stripes before the game to be on the lookout. Or am I way off thinking the Saints are cheap shot artists?
Is Cee Dee a cheap shot artist for giving AW a forearm shiver when running his route last night? Seems some like to dish it out but can’t take it. Poor Micah.. sorry man… you aren’t in Kansas anymore, Dorothy.
This is an odd take by Miller. He said “This is the future and we are just letting the offense tee off on our marquee pass rushers” but in essence what he’s really saying is that it’s OK if non-marquee pass rushers are blown up by this.
How in THE HELL can you even consider taking this play out of the game ?! Just put dam flags on them if you think this is out of line ! If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen !!
Lumberjack Lenny !!
@Dlavid I think it is more like Pancake Lenny. Let’s give Micah and Von a little syrup for that pancake.
Last year when he busted Brady lip was he complaining then? Brady told the refs and you didn’t complaint,it was fine then huh? Shut your trap and play!
Okay Von, then we take out launching at a qb with the crown of your helmet at the chin out of the game too. What a baby.
The only thing missing on that block was this classic Howard Cosell call… Joe, if you would allow, I believe you’d find it appropriate
Veronica Miller should play flag football instead if she keeps whining
AGAIN…IF….IF…Playoff Lennie had gone for Parson’s knees while he was engaged with a blocker I would understand Von or any other players legitimate concern. It’s a penalty but more importantly hitting a guy’s knees while they are flexed with his body pushing against the block can be a career ending knee injury.
Playoff Lennie did just the opposite. He stayed shoulder high and it’s totally Parson’s fault that he is sooo inexperienced as to not be prepared for a chip block.
Perhaps all the clippings from his successful rookie season are blinding him.
@stpetebucsfan Great point. Pancake Lenny was within the rules by going high on Micah-Chu Parsonsnootes.
Micah-Chu just sad got knocked on can. “You huwt my witto pwide.”
Better that than as you said going low and ending a season.
That block should be taught at every football camp.
That legal block is exactly what you are supposed to do
Lenny, please do von Miller next
I almost chocked on my salad while reading this gem from Von Miller “You can get the job done without this much contact!” Wow, just wow! I can’t believe he just lobbied for this. Maybe Von should go easy on his tackling the rest of the year, I mean, he can bring those RBs to ground much softer, right? Funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time. Yep Von, you do you, and the Bucs will do it Bowles way. See you in the SB softie.
WTF is wrong with that block? Aren’t you supposed to knock a guy on his [email protected]? That’s exactly what he did! Von, you probably need a lollipop after the flu vaccine.
Shut up, Von. You’ve made a career doing borderline dirtbag techniques. Now you whine about someone else doing something a lot more harmless than what you do? SHUT UP.
Hey VM, get ready ‘cuz Playoff Lenny will be blocking you in the next SB too!
How does a fullback open a hole for a RB? Lenny can do it similarly!
Guys, Fournette aims his shoulder at Michah’s head. Not cool. I don’t care if that is within the rules or not — it was a dirty hit. Watch the tape. Fournette should get an envelope from FedEx.
Everything about that hit is textbook and Parsons is facing him. Anyone with half a brain knows that is on Parsons. He’s a player on the rise but he also just got taken to school. Head up rookie. Now, if Von Miller can take his bra and panties off and put on some big boy pants it would be greatly appreciated.
DaksThumb. Aims his shoulder at his head. LMAO. But apparently misses and instead hits Parsons shoulder? Classic. Is that you Von? Try again.

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