Latest 49ers 53-Man Roster Projection – Who Makes the Cut?

Is the 53-man roster too early for launch? Sure.

But if there is one team in the NFL that is currently presented with confidence, it is the 49ers.

It’s a rock-solid team — a playoff roster — and there’s not much contention for roster spots. That’s one advantage of being really good players – they’re not fighting for a job at training camp.

There are a few spots on the fringe — some places where Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch would feel somewhat constrained — but don’t look for people to make the team this president. The Niners know who most of their people are already.

And here they are:

SANTA CLARA, CA - JULY 28: The San Francisco 49er's Trey Lance (5) attends practice during a practice session at the 49er's practice facility at Levi's Stadium on Thursday, July 28, 2022 in Santa Clara, Calif.  (Shae Hammond/ Bay Area Newsgroups)
(Shay Hammond/Bay Area Newsgroup)

Quarterback [2]

Trey Lance
Nate Sudfeld

» Straight stuff to start. It may ultimately prove prudent to have Jimmy Garoppolo on the roster, but expect San Francisco to cut him later this month if a trade doesn’t bail them out.

running back [5]

Eliza Mitchell
Jeff Wilson
tray sermon
Tyrion Davis-Price
Kyle Juszczyk [FB]

» There is no dispute here. Mitchell will be the main substitute on the first and second downs, but I expect to see a lot of preaching this season, especially on the third downs. Ohio State has been strong in the product camp, plays read-option well, has vastly improved pass protection, and is an excellent receiver.

Wilson will be the backup and Davis-Price will be a special teamer to feature at the end of the season. This may be the best running back core in the league.

Meanwhile, Juszczyk is fullback – forever and ever.

TRAVIS BENJAMIN, CA - AUGUST 26: San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Brandon Ayuk catches a pass during practice Thursday, August 26, 2021, in Santa Clara, Calif.  (Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)
(Karl Mondon/Bay Area Newsgroup)

wide receiver [5]

Deebo Samuel
Brandon Ayuko
john jennings
Ray-Ray McCloud
danny gray

One could claim sixth place in the camp, but at this point in time, I don’t think the Niners have seen enough from Malik Turner, Keesan Johnson, Marcus Johnson, or the recently signed Willie Snead, who have a better chance than the rest. Is.

McCloud is going to be the team’s top returner for both kick and punt. He has also excelled in the camp. Grey, a third-round pick, didn’t do enough to make the Niners hold their nose when they put him in the last 53.

Samuel and Ayuk may be the best 1-2 in the NFL this season, and Jennings, despite a good decline in training camp, is still a choice for the third-placed team.

tight end [3]

George Kittel
Charlie Warner
Ross Dweley

» Warner is not practicing but is expected to return to the fold for the regular season. Dweley is the one fighting for the roster spot. Both Tyler Croft and Tanner Hudson have acquitted themselves well in the camp, but they haven’t shone enough and I don’t see the Niners carrying four tight ends.

offending line [8]

Trent Williams
Aaron Banks
Jake Brendel
Spencer Burford
mike mcglinchy
Colton McKewitz
Dan Brunskill
Jordan Mills

Puppy: Jaylon Moore

» The Niners should feature a brand new middle of the offensive line, with Banks, Brendel and Burford opening guard from left to right. The opening tackles have been established, but with an injury to McGlinchy, they want extra backup. Mills has been really impressive in pass safety since joining the team at half-camp – I don’t think you can bite him until Moore is fully recovered. (and even though…)

Brunskill didn’t look worthy of being a starter, but there’s a lot you can do to have backup at all five locations. McKiewitz has been really good in the camp, so making his team is an easy decision.

Rookie Nick Jakelj is set to be cut and sent to the practice team. Jason Poe shines, but he’s a practice team project. Perhaps the Niners guard Keaton Sutherland as the ninth lineman—if he’s unplayable, he’s solid.

Don’t be surprised if Niners snag a string of discounts at the end of camp.

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 1: Nick Bossa (97) of the San Francisco 49er smiles during a practice session at the 49er's practice facility on Monday, August 1, 2022 at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif.  (Shay Hammond/Bay Area Newsgroup)
(Shay Hammond/Bay Area Newsgroup)

defensive line [11]

nick bossa
Eric Armstead
Javan Kinlaw
Samson Ebukami
drake jackson
Charles Omenihu
Kevin Givens
Kemoko Ruray
Jordan Willis
Kerry Haider
alex barnett

» The team’s deepest and most influential unit, the Niners can and should carry 11 defensive linemen for the season. The top eight players on this list are locks. Willis is a good special team player who can take pictures in a pinch, I think he belongs on the team. And the Niners love Haider after their monster 2020, so despite being so camp, I guess he makes the cut too.

11th man Alex Barnett needs to be teamed up as there is some question of depth on the interior of the line and he shines there despite being a bit undersized. I just can’t see the Niners biting him. He still has time to sow doubts or to strengthen himself further.

I look forward to seeing what the Niners do with Robert Enkemdiche, who has put some big plays on tape but has been inconsistent in the camp.

linebacker [5]

Fred Warner
Aziz Al-Shayar
dre greenlaw
Demetrius Flanigan-Fowles
ear bark

» This is an exceptionally upright position to choose from. The Niners’ top linebacking troika is one of the best, if not the best, in the NFL. DFF and Burke are major special team players.

A quick note: I’ve loved what I saw at training camp from Curtis Robinson. The Niners may have some competition to get him into the practice squad.

SANTA CLARA, CALIFORNIA - AUGUST 07: The San Francisco 49ers' Charvarius Ward (35) stands on the field during training camp at the practice facility at Levi's Stadium on Sunday, August 7, 2022 in Santa Clara, California.  (Nhat V Mayor/Bay Area Newsgroup)
(Nhat v. Meyer/Bay Area News Group)

cornerback [7]

Charvarius Ward
Emmanuel Moseley
Embry Thomas
d’immodore lenoir
deontay johnson
darquez denard
Samuel Womack

» The Niners will have to decide when Jason Verret comes off the PUP list, but in the meantime, I think they take on both Lenore and Womack. Maybe Johnson is cut and brought back if someone is injured – the Niners have done this move before.

In the meantime, we’ll see a lot of backup in the preseason, and it provides a great opportunity for a player like Tariq Castro-Fields to eliminate any of the corners mentioned above.

Security [4]

Jimmy Vardo
discuss content
tarvarius moore
George Odum

» It really couldn’t be more straightforward. Johnson may be the fifth player in this group, but has four sets, with Hufanga – who has been really good in the camp – to start in strong defence.

experts [3]

taibor pepper
Mitch Wishnowski
Robbie Gold

» They are all running unopposed. Just don’t get injured, guys.

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