Kodak Black’s Twitter Account Disabled After Plenty of Tweets About His “Gangsta” Lifestyle

Wow! Kodak Black Fans have been searching for answers after the Broward rapper went on a seemingly random rant over the weekend just moments before his Twitter account was deactivated. It is not clear to whom Yak’s words were directed, but make no mistake, he is about that life!

Kodak’s Twitter fingers were in work Saturday when he and his family raved about the “gangsta” lifestyle. From the looks of things, Kodak was given an answer to someone who could imply that he was a hoax.

B*tch a** n*ggas First find out I stand to smoke! I could never BP*SSI Big Monkey Nuts #YOUKNOW FR FR! I was trading my ion FR 14 year old DAT!!!! F*ck a steppa! N*GGAS Come to the net and play stupid! One thing about it I’m from Broward County, Pompanoya! If I was making OUCHEA N*GGAS on my line! Earned respect here! We don’t care about nuns for non-money.”

my whole family has dam gangsta its a million american auchia! And I got out the door of Elementary FR. I’m finna b arguing with everyone who doesn’t think like me! lol and this peon a**H*e knows he needs me! Ion also mentions this b*tch that he’ll be jus chasing every little opportunity.

Kodak Black posted another round of messages, addressing a woman who had cheated on him. Moments later, his Twitter account was no longer active.

You can’t put H*s in a position they’re ungrateful…soon. ah*e get into her feelings she try to act like yin she’s so cool h*e a**n*gga!”

While Kodak’s subliminal messages were apparently not aimed at anyone, some fans believe he was calling out his former manager, who is now reportedly working nba youngboy,

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