Kieran Culkin on cursing in front of her kids | Video

When it comes to dropping random F-bombs, Kieran Culkin Could be a curse supporter. “succession” The star defended her sworn world title during an appearance “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on 10 August, in which he did not deny the host’s claims of being “the best curse” (a phrase coined by Culkin). “Succession” classmateThe ) actor and father of two admitted that his daughter is now at an age where she repeats everything, so, of course, she had a funny story to share about her newfound skill.

Culkin recalled a time before saying, “I just let loose, and my daughter would repeat things sometimes.” “As I’m making [oatmeal], I just think of something I’ve done at work that could have been better, and I’m just, ‘F*ck!’ And I heard my daughter go, ‘Dad, what’s the f*ck?'” Being the “father of the year,” Culkin said he acted like he didn’t hear his daughter curse, but he didn’t Prevented from repeating more F-bombs.

“I felt like I had two or three options,” he continued. “Ignore what I just did, and then give her the af*cking peach, which I did. Then there was my instinct, which was to laugh my ass off, but then she encourages it. Then there’s There’s the ‘good parenting’ thing, who’ll have to take a knee and explain to him that it’s a bad word dad said and you shouldn’t do that.”

However, Culkin said that he knows better than to give his daughter that third option. “I know my daughter, and if I did that, she’d be the only one in the room all the time, ‘I can leave af*ck at any point and ruin your day,'” he said.

So what lesson did Culkin learn from that situation? That when her daughter grows up, she can “combine that word with a treat,” as Colbert put it. “Father of the Year,” said the host. Watch Culkin recount the incident to his daughter above.

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