Kevin Gates Doubles Down on Freaky Beyoncé “everyone feels that way” [Video]

kevin gates has doubled down on his fiery songs about wanting to sleep with Beyoncé,

New Orleans-bred The rapper joined Wednesday’s episode breakfast club, where he addressed the viral line from his “Super General” Freestyle rap made headlines in June as it addressed Gate’s sexual fantasies Ruby Rose, Nicki Minaj and Beau, Obviously, mention “Renaissance” The superstar sparked a lot of debate, with many calling Gates out for disrespecting him. However, the insightful rapper says he has no regrets and only said what every man thinks of the record-breaking singer.

“When I said that, everyone felt the same way. They were just afraid to say it. I’m not afraid to say it,” Gates insisted, before adding, “I meant it with all due respect.”

On “Super General,” the line that got everyone talking was, “Beyoncé needs me to hit her / piss her on this d**k, respectfully, her body trembles.”

as expected, grammy award winning singer, wife and mother of three children did not respond to the record. However, rapper Ruby Rose spoke out on Twitter shortly after the record’s debut, tweeting “Kevin Gets freaky as hell lol”, laughing at them from the bars.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gates continued to discuss their sexual relationship. He revealed that his happiest bedroom experience came from a woman who had acne.

“A lot of women with acne have got a good p***y on their faces,” Gates said before explaining his theory.

If you’re interested in learning more truths about Kevin Gates that no one asked for, the full interview is available on The Breakfast Club’s YouTube channel.

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