Kevin Federline’s attorney weighs in on Britney Spears and her sons

Britney Spears vs. Kevin Federline: Details on New Feud

War of words

Later Britney Spears‘new husband’ Sam Asghari Slammed Kevin Federline To speak publicly about the pop star and their children, Kevin’s attorney shares his thoughts on the heated situation.

“Kevin understands that Sam is Britney’s new husband. Sam is not going to take a position against Britney” Lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan said in TMZ. video published by and captured outside Craig’s restaurant in West Hollywood on August 7. “Sam doesn’t really know Kevin. He doesn’t know what’s going on in Kevin’s house.”

As far as Sam’s claim that the former backup dancer didn’t work, the lawyer said “it’s just an attack that Kevin is not going to be honored with a response.”

“Kevin is working full time,” he continued. “And by the way, although it’s not what he does to support himself, there’s no more work with Brittany than raising six kids, including his two. It’s a full-time job.”

I! The news has reached Brittany’s reps and attorney but has not received any comment.

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