Kevin Durant Continues to Confuse the NBA World

Kevin Durant #7 of the Brooklyn Nets reacts during game four of the Eastern Conference first round playoffs against the Boston Celtics at Barclays Center on April 25, 2022 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City.  The Boston Celtics defeated the Brooklyn Nets 116–112.
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Kevin Durant Of Brooklyn Nets Rubbing a lot of people the wrong way these days.

Durant’s debut of free agency shook the entire NBA world when it was revealed that he wanted to trade his net… almost anywhere.

After that breaking news, we didn’t hear a lot of information off the net and it looked like no trading would happen together.

But Durant again expressed his desire a few days ago, once again telling the organization whether he wanted to do business or that he wanted the team to leave the head coach. Steve Nasho and general manager Sean Marks,

Found this latest move very The number of people talking – and they weren’t using kind words about Durant.

“Kevin Durant didn’t like the Nets vision when he did everything he could to accommodate KD’s vision of the Nets,” Damon Bruce said on Twitter.

He’s not alone in that assessment: Many people are confused by Durant’s demands.

Durant drama

The Nets we see today are the result of Durant’s desires and his tremendous pull in the NBA.

When he was tempted by the team a few seasons ago, he made it clear that he wanted to play with Kyrie Irving – So to do this the team moved heaven and earth.

He also traded for Durant’s friend deandre jordan and later listened to her wish to get James Harden On board too.

Time and again, the Nets have tried to build a team that would please Durant.

It clearly didn’t work.

Durant has every right to be disappointed with his team but he must not forget that he is the one who helped keep it all together.

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