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New episode of this week real housewives of atlanta started with a race between Marlow Hampton And Drew Sidora, Sanya Richards-Rosso took them to a track where she trained in Jamaica, and both women wanted to see who was faster. While most of the group thought that Drew would win the race, it was actually Marlowe who won. But soon after the women crossed the finish line, Drew tore her Achilles tendon, so everyone gave her the win instead.

Kenya Moore She also came later than everyone else in the day’s programs as she refused to board the bus at the right time. She pretended like she wasn’t ready in time, but the editing revealed that she wasted some time on the balcony of her hotel room. And then, when Sanya talked to him about it, Kenya said that his daughter, Brooklynwas having some sort of problem with not wanting to see his father, Mark Daly, and he had to deal with it. Kenya shed a few tears as well, but Sanya did not react much as she said that Kenya is forgiving of her behavior while always crying about her divorce.

The issue resurfaced later in the episode, when Kenya and Sherry Whitfield Missed the next day’s activity as he had not boarded the bus till 9:30 am. Sanya actually had to shoot an ad for her new business venture, and she wanted some women to be tagged along for the ride. Marlowe made sure she was on the bus on time, but Kenya and Sherry missed the bus by 20 minutes or more and then complained that Sanya “disrupted” them. So they went and had fun on a boat instead.

Everyone reunited for dinner at the hotel later that night, and when Sherry and Kenya reprimand Sanya for “disrupting,” she refuses to engage in conversation. He could not believe that they were trying to blame him for his slowness. The edit also showed Sherry hanging out on the beach at 9:30 a.m., so she definitely wasn’t looking for the bus in the lobby when she said she was. Sanya politely refused to argue with the women, but when they got up loudly and asked for some answers, her husband stood up and asked them to stop.

Marlowe even tried to iron out their feud Kandi Burruss, but Kandi didn’t even give Marlow the time of day. He even told her to stop talking to him completely.

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