Kathy Hilton is facing backlash for confusing Lizzo with “Precious”

a different twitter user wrote“Precious isn’t even a real person and it wasn’t fun,” while another Having said“Now, I know Kathy Hilton doesn’t know much, but how did she manage to confuse Lizzo with Gabourey Sidibe? It definitely plays into the ‘we all make them look alike’ trope.”

Others came to Kathy’s defense, arguing that she didn’t know who Ryan Reynolds either Justin Timberlake Either were while playing the game. that, and the fact that Cathy once did it wrong RHOBA co-star garcel beauvais for my own sister, Kyle Richards, “If you watch the show,” a Tweet read, “You know Cathy can barely see and sometimes can’t even recognize her employees.”

Another person acknowledging this tweeted“She misunderstands people a lot, but to say Precious is a very fraudulent thing. It’s not just to associate Lizzo with a fat black man based on her weight, but to erase Gabourey’s identity.”

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