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Katherine McPhee

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Katherine McPhee38, shared an adorable video of her son, Renee David Foster, 1, Playing on a drum set. In an Instagram story shared on August 2, Renee already looks like a professional drummer and she’s clearly surrounded by great people, as both her parents are gifted when it comes to music. go. singer She captioned the post, “Already showing my baby talent”, along with tagging her famous husband, David Foster72, in short video.

Renee was at home wearing a flashy gray T-shirt with only her diaper in the home video. In addition, her mom’s coffee table was decorated with a vibrant plant and books that showcased her cozy home aesthetic. There were also other fancy toys on display, such as a glass Tic Tac Toe game next to a toddler’s drum set. Looks like McPhee-Foster is never short on home entertainment!

Katherine and David welcomed their son in February 2021, making it David’s sixth child and his first. And based on the post she shared on Instagram, we think it’s safe to say that she loves being a mom. For example, on June 19, Katherine shared an adorable Father’s Day post for David, which included adorable family group pictures. She captioned the post, “Happy father to the man @davidfoster who loves me like I could only dream and who fulfilled me in life by making me a mother. I love my little family.”

Katherine McPhee
Katherine McPhee and David Foster with their one-year-old son. (background)

“I love my big family. You never complained about how your life is a little different now. Well… you only complain that you can’t stay up late in bed watching TV, but How can I blame you – this is your favorite thing. You’ve only made it an absolute joy for me to bring Renee into the world. Baby for many more adventures! I love you to the moon and back.”

David is also the father of five adult children, including Sarah Foster41, Erin Foster39, Amy S. Foster49, Alison Jones Foster52, and Jordan Foster35. Sarah, Erin and Jordan are all full siblings, as they share the same mother, Rebecca Dyer, is amy’s mother bj cookWho? David Was married from 1972 to 1981. As for Allison’s mother, her identity remains a mystery.

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