Kanye West Dumped By Fifth Divorce Lawyer

huge lengthy divorce proceedings between Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Another speed bump has hit. Los Angeles Judge Steve Cochran made a request to the lawyer of the west, Samantha Spectorto allow him to officially withdraw as artist/designer/ex presidential candidateAccording to a report in Divorce Lawyers, Rolling stone, She first indicated her desire to seek relief in May, citing a “communication fault”.

TMZ Said she was Kanye’s fifth attorney for divorce.

While West is without legal representation in the case, Judge Cochrane has set a two-day hearing date to begin on December 14. While West and Kardashian were declared legally unmarried after a hearing in March, there are still some nuances regarding their financial holdings as well as custody rights for their four children.

kardashian’s lawyer, laura water, told the judge on Friday that his client had “prepared for a long time” to begin proceedings. However, it appears that the West side is dragging its feet, as they have failed to file preliminary financial disclosures. Wasser noted that his client had already done so in November.

On Friday, Judge Cochrane asked Wasser to officially “invite” West to respond to the case by September 30. (What this actually means—like perhaps the one appearing on Ye’s door with a scroll “Listen! Listen up!”—is unclear.) If West refuses to answer, the trial will continue anyway, and, as Rolling stone Put it, “With the Kardashians she’s likely to get whatever order she requests.”

The judge also said, however, that if West and Kardashian needed more time to call witnesses or present evidence, the matter would be referred to a different court.

The divorce tensions hit Kanye very publicly in February, when he was ousted after a Instagram stampedepitting allies and foes against each other in Marvel’s dispatches civil war, Kanye was at that time, Fly, Travis Scott, Futureand then-girlfriend Julia Fox against the kardashians, Pete Davidson, Billy Elisho, kid CudiAnd Taylor Swift, (Pete Davidson, Kardashian’s boyfriend is now 10 months old, iron man wasin case you forgot.)

Despite all this, Kardashian hinted in may That there might be yet another spin in her future holy marriage. “Marriage comes and goes, take it from me,” she said kardashian, “I believe in love. So, hopefully just one more marriage for me. Charm for the fourth time!”

For divorce lawyers, though, Kanye West hopes it’s the sixth time that’s the charm.

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