Judge in Phil Collins Case Says “Enough Is Enough”

$20 million claim against Phil Collins from his ex-wife orion sev A Miami judge on Friday dismissed page six, It could mean the end of a long legal battle between a 48-year-old Swiss-American woman and a 71-year-old rock drummer and singer.

Savvy’s $20 million suit was for half the price of the mansion he once shared, which was sold in January 2021. Her suit said that Collins once promised she would receive half of the sale if she moved back in with him. Florida judge alan fine, however, dismissed the case, and was reported as saying “I’m done with it,” and “I feel comfortable saying enough is enough.” Fine ruled that Sevy committed 10 separate violations of court orders.

It has been quite a back-and-forth between the couple, whose first marriage was from 1999 to 2007. Savvy then married an investment banker in 2008, finalizing the divorce in 2017. But she came back in 2015 with Genesis Leader. They broke. again in 2020, and she has since married someone new. Collins and Sevy have two sons, aged 21 and 17.

In October of 2020, Collins litigation servicer, accused him of refusing to vacate his Miami property. His claim referred to it at the time as “an armed occupation and takeover”. This was followed by reports of Sevy holding several of Collins’ assets. for auctionlike gold Robert Plant Record (1983’s.) theory of momentsto be specific) on which Collins played the drums some tracks, In January 2021 a representative said, “The item no longer aroused joy for him.”

Savvy was also recently Guilty For punching his 10 year old son.

Collins began his career as a drummer for Genesis in the late 1960s, when he led Peter Gabriel And played wide and long”prog rockWhen Gabriel departed for a solo career in the mid-1970s, Collins took over as vocalist and steered the band toward a more radio-friendly pop format, and in the early 1980s began his own career. K also launched a tremendously successful solo career.

A Genesis reunion tour, said to last, ended in March of this year, and saw Collins very weak To go to the back of the drum set. “I would love to but I can barely hold a stick with this hand. So there are some physical things that get in the way,” he said during a BBC interview. He sang from a sitting position during each show.


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