Juan Soto Has Achieved An Important Thing in San Diego

Juan Soto #22 of the Washington Nationals talks to teammates before the game against the St. Louis Cardinals at National Park on July 30, 2022 in Washington, DC.
(Photo by Greg Fume/Getty Images)

MLB players believe in traditions and superstitions.

They often think that success, or luck for that matter, is associated with doing certain things or wearing a specific number.

This is especially true if the player has worn that number for the rest of his life.

They hang on to that number and do whatever it takes to secure it.

in the specific case of new San Diego Padres outfielder john sotoHe has used the number 22 for a long time.

Sometimes, newcomers have to interact with their new teammates to get their preferred number.

Some players just number the newcomer, especially if he is a star; But others also engage with that number, and a conversation begins (often on friendly terms).

Soto was able to persuade a new teammate to give him the number 22.

Soto was able to persuade Nick MartinezA pitcher in the Padres organization, to give him his number 22.

However, there was also a conversation involved.

“Juan Soto will wear the number 22 with the Padres. He’s got the number from Nick Martinez. The number was important to Martinez, but Soto is buying Martinez ‘something’ and saying ‘If we win the World Series, I probably I will forget all about it. Martinez will wear 21,” tweeted Kevin Ace of the San Diego Union-Tribune after speaking to Martinez.

problem solved!

Soto is making sure that the person who gave her his number is kept happy with the gift, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

It is really very important for team chemistry that these things are resolved with a smile on everyone’s face.

Now, both the men will focus on giving their best to take the Padres to the World Series.

He has enough talent to give it a shot.

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