Jon Battist steps out of bandleader position on Late Show with Stephen Colbert

grammy winning musician john batiste left his role as bandleader for late night with stephen colbert, The late-night host announced it on Thursday night’s show. Gotta step into his too big shoes louis bitewho are filling in for Batiste in the summer. Stephen Colbert stated that the rest of the Batists’ Stay Human group would remain intact, then call their studio audience Louis Cato and the Late Show Band.

Earlier this year, Batiste’s album it is us Album of the Year took home the Grammy, one of its 11 nominations. He’s won five in total, and also has an Oscar, which he shares Trent Reznor And atticus ross Best Original Score for the film Soul,

Colbert softly broke the news of Batiste’s departure, explaining that he was leaving “for all the best reasons, including continuing to share his art with the world.” Alas, the announcement didn’t include in-person sendoff (Joe WalshoThe Eagles guitarist who sat with the group was apparently ready to make a cake out of it), but Colbert said he was “very fortunate to have a front row seat thanks to John’s incredible talent for seven years. “

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Batiste has been Colbert’s bandleader since the show began in 2015. The 35-year-old is part of the legendary New Orleans Batiste family of musicians, which includes harold batisteshehnai player alvin batiste, Lionel Batiste Trem Brass Band, and John’s Cousin, russell batiste, member of Funky Meters. At the start of the Colbert-Batist partnership, the pair moved to New Orleans, where John introduced Stephen to his roots.


This material can also be viewed on the site Born From.

For the new guy, this is a promotion-to-within position, like louis bite Already a member of the Batists Stay Human group. He is a bassist, guitarist, drummer, trombonist, tuba player, singer, songwriter and producer who, as Colbert said, can play Mozart on the shoehorn. He was born in Portugal, raised in North Carolina, and has recorded with jazz, R&B, pop, and cross-genre greats.

Over the years, Batiste has done many great things. late Show Pre-recorded bits, like a humorous spin Jazz 101performed the stunning cover of video game musictook to the streets of Manhattan for variouslove riots“And brought the non-politician jazz drummer Roy Haynes to his office a jam session,

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