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John Boyega gives a shoutout to his friend Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight performance in a recent interview, when asked about TV series he’s into.
John Boyega praises Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight performance. Boyega and Isaac originally met and became friends when they were both cast in leading roles in the Star Wars sequel trilogy, as Finn and Poe, respectively. Since finishing up on the last film of the trilogy, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the two have stayed working in the film industry, with Boyega taking roles in films like Naked Singularity and the upcoming The Woman King, as well as ventured into TV series roles, like the Small Axe anthology series. Isaac has meanwhile starred in films like Dune, and ventured into the TV series roles as well, like with his roles in Scenes from a Marriage and the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Moon Knight.
Moon Knight follows Marc Spector, a Jewish-American mercenary who has dissociative identity disorder (DID) and is pulled into a dangerous mystery involving Egyptian gods with his multiple alters, including one of his identities, a British museum shop worker named Steven Grant. Released earlier this year on Disney+, the series became a hit for Marvel and Disney+, garnering strong viewership and acclaim, with critics praising Isaac’s performance and Moon Knight’s handling of mental health issues.
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Now, Boyega has given love to his former co-star’s Moon Knight performance. In a recent interview with Men’s Health, Boyega was asked some quick rapid fire questions, one of which was about what TV series he’s into right now. Check out Boyega’s response below:
Moon Knight. My boy Oscar [Isaac]’s got a British accent in it. He’s quite all right, know what I mean?”
As Marc Spector, Isaac not only took on the task of portraying a character who is very complex and intricate, but one who is an MCU hero. Luckily, naturally, having a leading role as an X-wing fighter pilot Poe in three Star Wars films, shortly before taking on a role as a superhero, gave Oscar a leg up in this new endeavor. Similarly, both the Star Wars sequel trilogy movies and Moon Knight are fantastical action-adventure productions in two mega film franchises. While there were, of course, other factors and projects Oscar that has been in that prepared him for his performance in Moon Knight, it’s nice to connect it back to his work in the Star Wars world, back when he became friends with Boyega, who’s now commending him.
Even though Isaac already won over many critics with his Moon Knight performance, what’s better is knowing he has the support of his friends, like Boyega. And this isn’t the first time Boyega was publicly supportive of Isaac either. Boyega hyped up Isaac’s first look photo for Dune on Instagram when it was an upcoming film. It may be unlikely we’ll see the return of the pals they played in the Star Wars franchise anytime soon, but Isaac and Boyega still have plenty of opportunities to link back up in future projects—and even better, it’s clear the two men remain sincere friends off screen.
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Source: Men’s Health
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