Johan Oviedo Had a Pure Reaction to His First MLB Win

Johan Oviedo #59 of the St. Louis Cardinals throws a pitch against the Tampa Bay Rays during the third inning of a baseball game at Tropicana Field on June 8, 2022 in St. Petersburg, Florida.
(Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images)

it’s been a long time coming.

There has been a lot of trial and error in the career of johan oviedoBut, he St. Louis Cardinals’ The young right-handed batsman finally secured the first win of his career.

Back 4-3 in Wednesday’s game Adam Wainwright There was an early chase, with Oviedo hitting 2.1 innings and dismissing three Milwaukee Brewers hitters.

When Oviedo left the game, the Cardinals took a 5-4 lead, and Genesis Cabrera Those runs pitched in to seal the first victory of Oviedo’s career.

After the game, Katie Wu of The Athletic had a chance to speak with Oviedo, and she tweeted what she had to say about her achievement.

get a win in the end

You have to feel good for Oviedo.

He’s struggled a ton as a beginner, but seems to have finally found his role in the bullpen.

He bowled some good games last year but either didn’t get enough run support or had to miss out due to inconsistencies in the bullpen.

An example from a year ago is when he bowled five innings of a one-run delivery against the Chicago Cubs on July 20.

The Cardinals moved into ninth place with a 6–1 lead, but the Cubs rallied for six runs to stun the Busch Stadium crowd and spoil Oviedo’s chance of victory.

But last night, she finally secured that elusive first victory, and her reaction was good and wholesome.

You know his family would be proud of him when he came from Cuba, whatever he is going through.

Now, he can sit back and remember this game for a long time.

He finally achieved something that had been a curse to his existence for so long.

Oviedo’s role has been elevated and he can now celebrate something he hasn’t had in a long time.

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