Joey Gallo Said He Wants To Remain A Yankee

PITTSBURGH – Aaron Boone and Hal Strenbrenner both offered words of encouragement for Joey Gallo on Wednesday, but the struggling outfielder knows his year-long slump could prompt him to trade it – but he’s still doing it in the Bronx. Hoping to find out.

“I’m aware of that possibility,” Gallo said of the potentially being settled before the August 2 trade deadline. “I’ve been in the league for a while and I understand that if you’re not performing, things can turn quickly. For me, I don’t see myself anywhere else. I think we have great chemistry here It’s a great team. We’ve got the best record in baseball and I can’t imagine myself anywhere else. I want to be here.”

Gallo helped his aim on Wednesday night with a 426-foot homer and a run twice in six plate appearances Pirates eliminated 16-0 It was his first home run at PNC Park – and RBI – since June 17.

Steinbrenner said during the Zoom call that the Yankees had not determined their plans for a trade deadline, adding that he was ready to consider anything Cashman brought to him — even if it meant Whether leaving top prospects or increasing payroll.

Joy Gallo scored a single home run in the sixth inning of the Yankees' blistering 16-0 win over the Pirates.
Joy Gallo scored a single home run in the sixth inning of the Yankees’ blistering 16-0 win over the Pirates.
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Gallo will undoubtedly be a topic of conversation.

“Look, he’s grinding it,” Steinbrenner said about Gallo, who entered Wednesday with an average of .165, which would have been the worst among the majors if they had enough plate attendance to qualify. And his Ops of .602 would have been worse than everyone except 10 hitters in the Major.

“He’s got the support of all of us, including his teammates,” Steinbrenner said. “It’s been difficult for him, no doubt. But there’s a lot more to come this season. We’re going to see. I still expect great things from him.”

Prior to Wednesday, Gallo had gone 1-for-32 in 38 plate appearances in 13 games with no extra-base hits, six walks and 18 strikeouts.

“I think it’s been a challenge,” Boone said. “Because the weight of the struggles he has put on him.”

When asked if Gallo’s performance as the Yankees is “who he is,” Boone said, “I’m not saying that. The talent is very real. It didn’t go away. He has tremendous skills and work ethic.” And you don’t ever want to close that door. … This sport has beaten him here this year and the back of last year.

Gallo said the team was still finding success, but added: “You don’t want them to think, ‘This guy isn’t playing well and do we need to move on?’ I just want to help the team win. Baseball has three sides: base running, defense and offense and I haven’t done any of them well this year. I don’t want to be the one to put this team down.”

Gallo was in left field on Wednesday, while Matt Carpenter made his first start in the outfield. Carpenter’s bat forced Boone into the lineup, even with no place in the infield or DH.

Anthony Rizzo sat straight for the second game with a lower back stiffness. Boone said the first baseman felt an improvement, although the manager said he did not expect Rizzo to play in Boston on Thursday.

Aroldis Chapman played a scoreless innings for the second night in a row.

“I just wanted to get him back there,” Boone said. ,[Tuesday] Had a really good outing for him and we wanted to build on that. … He wasn’t throwing that hard tonight, but he was throwing it where he wanted. Hopefully it will build momentum.”

Manny Banuelos, who was traded in pittsburgh for cash He made his debut with the Pirates on Wednesday after the Yankees named him for the assignment and was dismissed for five runs earned in a third of an innings by his old team.

Before the game, Banuelos said it was “difficult” to be named before being traded.

“To be honest, I understand the process,” said Banuelos, who has run out of minor league options. “With the Yankees, I understood the situation and knew I probably wasn’t in plans with them.”

He also lauded the fact that he had the opportunity to pitch with the Yankees at Yankee Stadium after injuries tore his career.

“It was one of my dreams and I made it,” Banuelos said. “I did it a different way, but I did it.”

Miguel Castro returned from the paternity list and Ryan Weber was named for the assignment.

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