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Joe and Melissa Gorga

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everything is not right Teresa Giudice50, prepares for walk down the aisle, A new report claims that his brother Joe Gorga42, and his wife (and former Teresa BFF Melissa Gorga), 43, will not attend the marriage ceremony. a source told page six While “they were invited,” the married couple declines an invitation to the wedding of Joe’s only sibling. “There was a lot of tension housewives The finale was filmed earlier this week,” the source offered via clarification, though no other details were given.

Joe and Melissa Gorga
Joe and Melissa Gorga (AFF-USA/Shutterstock)

The social media photos of Teresa from their joint bachelor/graduation party with Louis did not include photos of Joe and Melissa. But for a while the trouble was brewing. real housewives of new jersey Melissa admitted that classmates dropped out earlier this year was “no fault” On the loss of his previously sharp friendship with Teresa.

“I really feel like I’ve hit every path,” Melissa said. bet’ mention all In the podcast May “It’s Not My Fault.” She also said that she felt “free” when she understood in the meantime. ronjo season 12 reunion, “It’s okay to say that we don’t have the best relationship and I don’t feel guilty saying that because I tried really hard and I know I tried hard – for my in-laws and for Joe,” he said. Teresa told Melissa that they “not close,” and Melissa dug in again. “Let’s stop lying like we have a relationship. [then] Because you’ve proved to everyone that we don’t.

It didn’t help that Teresa also attacked her brother during the taping of the reunion episode, causing her to walk off the set, saying, “You stop putting me down” and “act like a sister.” ” Teresa later said that she “take the blame” And insisted she “loves” her brother, but based on the latest report, that doesn’t seem like enough.

Still the bride looks happy before her wedding. she was seen kissing fiance luis ruelaso When the two arrived for their rehearsal on Friday, August 5 at the Park Chateau Estate in East Brunswick, New Jersey.

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