Jennifer Lopez visits hospital with Ben Affleck’s mom before marriage

Looks like it’s got a bit dizzy Jennifer Lopez And Ben Affleckwedding festivities.

The couple was seen with Ben’s mother on August 19, Chris Anne bIn photos published by At a local hospital in Savannah, Ga. daily mailJennifer walked with her husband as the Oscar winner’s mother was being pushed in a wheelchair by a medical worker.

Photos taken earlier in the day also showed an ambulance coming and going from the spot where J.Lo and Ben’s were Wedding celebration is to be held this weekend,

A source previously told E! News that “Marry Me” singer and tender bar Actors tied the knot suddenly Las Vegas Festival Last month, it’s been hard at work “making everything final” while preparing to celebrate her recent wedding with friends and family at a lavish party in Georgia.

A second insider said the weekend-long affair is being planned by interior designers and event planners Colin Coveywith lifestyle guru Jay Shetty Presiding over the actual ceremony.

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