Jay Cutler responds to Kristin Cavallari ‘toxic’ marriage comments

Keep quiet? Jay Cutler replied to the former Kristin Cavallari’s claims that their marriage was toxic – and that he would prefer to remain tight-lipped.

“If she wants to say stuff, she can say stuff,” said Cutler, 49. Wednesday, August 10, episode “Sophia With A F” Podcast. “I’m not going to go down that road about her. I mean, she’s still the mother of my kids.”

calling their recent statements about their marriage “Comic,” the former Bears quarterback explained that while the reality star “can say whatever she wants” because of the way she “feels,” her remarks seem to be at the wrong time.

“It’s been two and a half years. Why are we having this conversation in public? Why are we doing this?” Indiana Native Surprise. “We’re done here.”

Cutler and Cavallari began dating in 2010 and tied the knot three years later. twins, who share three children Camden, 9, Jackson, 8, and Saylor, 6- had been married for seven years and left the job in November 2020.

When asked about the reasons for the split during Tuesday’s podcast, the former pro athlete could not provide a specific response, but suggested that Cavallari “fell in love with him,” adding that his opinion has changed. both initially dropped it,

While the former NFL player also said that the pair’s reality show, very cavalrydid not directly contribute to their breakup, Laguna Beach The stars were more apt to share the details of their lives together. “She loves it,” she revealed, after the host sophia franklin Asked if Cavallari “was more comfortable broadcasting”—t because she is used to that life. ,

Cutler’s biggest quip, however, came after Franklin, 30, had trouble pronouncing the California native’s name correctly.

“Kava-Lari?” Asked by the actress, to which Cutler replied, “Say as you want, it’s not my problem.”

The former athlete’s remarks come after the founder of Uncommon James opened up about the pair’s rocky romance during an episode of the “Call Her Daddy” podcast on August 3.

Talking about what inspired her to end their marriage, the jewelry designer tells the host alex cooper“I mean, it took me a few years to really pull the trigger, to be honest… it was longer. Nothing big happened in the end.”

Cavallari said the divorce decision was “really scary” but worth it at the end of the day.

“I really don’t think anything good comes easily. Really, like anything in life,” she explained. “But you also don’t want to just make an impulsive decision and that’s why it’s important to write it down. I’ve even seen couples who’ve worked through s-t and come out on the other side, you know, so I think with any relationship, you just have to feel What are dealbreakers? for you. What’s important to you and what isn’t?”

When asked about the comments she made about the marriage being “toxic,” Cavallari was hesitant to give details to protect her children. “It was toxic. Period, end of story,” she explained. “That’s all I have to say.”

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