Janet McCurdy’s Family Supports ‘I’m Glad My Mom Died’ Book

Janet McCurdy: How My Brothers Respond to 'I'm Glad My Mom Is Dead'

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a heavy subject. Jennette mccurdy raised eyebrows with the title of his memoir, I’m glad my mom diedBut his elder brothers had no problem with his words.

no statement made The 30-year-old alum discussed his family’s reaction to the title during an interview Hollywood Reporter Published on Monday, August 15, a week after the book’s release. “My brothers have been so supportive, so understanding,” she explained, adding that her siblings were “absolutely not” thrown off by the choice. “They get the title, to put it simply. It was also a title I knew I needed from the very beginning.”

McCurdy continued, “I wanted something that was bold as well” something that i meant honestly, I would never use a bold and attention-grabbing title if it weren’t authentic. I would never do it if it was just coming from a flippant place. This is not my approach to humor. I knew that anyone who experienced parental abuse would understand the title, and anyone who had a sense of humor would understand the title. ,

native of california said response to his memoir “I’m so grateful it’s connecting with people like it is,” adding, “overwhelmed in the best way” from fans around the world.

Writing I’m glad my mom died It was a lengthy process for the actress, who dealt with her “emotional and mental health history in private” in therapy before deciding to pen the memoir. “I definitely laughed a ton while writing; I cried while writing,” she told the outlet. “Since I’ve done a lot of work both personally and for myself initially, I feel like I was at a place where I was able to understand what aspects of my life are legitimately entertaining and about people. What are worth reading in, and which aspects of my life are not enjoyable. I think I waited a fair amount of time in my processing before approaching it in any kind of creative way.

The “Blank Inside” podcast host’s book hits shelves August 9 and details her challenging upbringing as a child star. McCurdy dissolved his difficult relationship with his late mother, who died in 2013 and reportedly forced the Nickelodeon alum into acting.

“You can’t leave! This was our chance! It was Uuuuur Chance!” McCurdy remembered About her mother’s reaction to her desire to leave the industry before booking her breakout role no statement made, “She bangs on the steering wheel, accidentally blows the horn. Mascara flushes her cheeks. She’s hysterical, like I was at the Hollywood Homicide audition. Her hysteria scares me and demands to be taken care of.”

Throughout his memoir, McCurdy considered feeling “exploited” as a young Hollywood star and jealous remembered His Sam and Cato co-star Ariana Grande, The pair worked together on the iCarly spinoff from 2013 to 2014 after the original series ended in 2012. Despite her ups and downs with Grande, now 29, author’s friendship Miranda Cosgrove Still strong today.

“Last I heard from her, she said she was very excited to read it and sent a very helpful text about reading the book. I can’t wait for her to read it. I think she’ll really like it . I think she’ll laugh a lot. I think she’ll relate to … a lot,” McCurdy told entertainment tonight Of Drake and Josho alum earlier this month. “I love Miranda to pieces. I always will. She has such a special place in my heart. She helped me grow as a person and recover as a person, and I hope I have.” Did the same for her. I just love her so much.”

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