“It’s a price I’m willing to pay”: Representative Liz Cheney of Wyoming insisted on the role in January 6. Investigations and expected damages ahead of Tuesday’s preliminary inquiry

Ahead of Wyoming’s primary election on Tuesday, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) released its final campaign ad video, which sounds like a concession speech. Cheney’s trailing numbers in the election are possibly a symptom of his relentless pursuit of the former president. Donald Trump In the hearing on 6 January


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incumbent has been in office since 2016, and he has served as the only House Representative from Wyoming. voting from thursday shows Cheney with the support of 28% of the electorate, while 57% support the opponent. Harriet Heisman,

his last campaign advertising The focus on the ongoing lies since the 2020 election and the importance of maintaining American democracy is somewhat reminiscent of his stance at the January 6 hearing. Cheney said, “America can’t be free if we let go of the truth.” “The lie that the 2020 presidential election was stolen is fraudulent, it preys on people who love their country, it’s a door Donald Trump has given Americans to abandon their principles, their freedom.” To renounce, to justify violence, to disregard the regimes of our courts and the rule of law.”

new York Times Reportedly Trump won 70% of the vote in Wyoming in the 2020 election. Despite this, Cheney’s January 6 investigation has left no room for doubt in condemning the former president’s inaction during the Capitol attack, and was one of only 10 House Republicans who voted. voted As a result of impeaching Trump for the second time, Trump has made to defeat Cheney is a top priority for any and all politicians who want his coveted alt-right support.

“If the price of standing up for the Constitution is losing a seat in the House, then It’s a price I’m willing to payCheney said earlier this month.

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