Inside Ben Affleck’s Renaissance

But 20 years later and celebrating his 50th birthday on August 15th—the actor, director, Oscar-winning writer and producer, father and, once again, husband, is making it all the more difficult, and he can feel it.

Professionally speaking, their performance in 2020 the way back, in which he played a drunken high school basketball coach who fails to stay on the wagon after losing his young son, received the best acting reviews of his life. that and Matt Damon their writing heads put back together and embossed with final duel, which also got good reviews, but probably wasn’t what the popcorn-eating crowd was looking for. And he earned a Golden Globe nomination earlier this year for tender barHis first acting debut since 2007.

“I’m so happy, I’m so happy in my life,” Affleck smiles, but clearly doesn’t plan to elaborate, Told Excessive at the premiere of last October tender bar, “life is good.”

Affleck is still acting as Batman, serving as the thread holding the DC film galaxy together in at least one more film, as well as a handful of him as an actor and/or producer. There have been several projects, including an announced remake. Witness for the Prosecution He is also directing that we are Here for.

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