Indiana’s new near-total abortion ban will take effect September 15,’ Roe v. Wade becomes first state to pass ban after overturning

Indiana is now the first state to have an almost complete abortion following the Roe v. Wade reversal.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill on Friday evening after the state House and Senate pushed it earlier that day. The Associated Press reported that the House moved the bill 62-38 before the Republican-led state Senate approved it 28-19.

The new law – which will take effect from September 15 – provides some exceptions; In some cases of rape or incest, when a fatal fetal abnormality occurs, or when the pregnant person faces certain health risks.

However, under the new law, those abortions have to be performed only in hospitals or outpatient centers owned by hospitals, PEOPLE reported.

“These actions followed a lengthy hearing filled with serious and personal testimony from citizens and elected representatives on this emotional and complex subject,” Holcomb, 54, said in a released statement. “Ultimately, those voices shape and inform the final content of the law and its carefully negotiated exceptions to address some of the unimaginable circumstances a woman or unborn child may face.”

Indiana was one of the first Republican-led state legislatures to pass the landmark 1973 decision, Roe v. Wade’s overthrow of the US Supreme Court, which gave people the right to abortion nationwide.

West Virginia lawmakers came close to becoming the first to pass an abortion ban late last month, but the state is currently in limbo, with two chambers of the legislature failing to agree on how the bill should proceed.

cry v. Wade, which protected reproductive rights by giving individual states the power to decide whether to allow or restrict the procedure.

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