Ignacio Diaz-Silverio Stars in Horror-Comedy ‘Departing Seniors’ – Deadline

Specific: filming in progress Chicago on horror-comedy departing seniorStarring Ignacio Diaz-Silvario, Heads in Recently Announced Amazon Series Primo.

Also starring in a Queensbury Pictures production i.e. Gelman (pretty Little Liars, Lorena Diaz (Chicago Med), Iron Roach (Sweet seller, and Cameron Scott Roberts (The Walking Dead).

Written by Jose Nateras, the film follows the witty high school senior Javier (Diaz-Silvario), who, after witnessing an act of bullying, begins with a psychotic who discovers the horrifying truth behind the alleged suicides at his school. reveals. It is up to him and his sarcastic best friend to uncover the truth behind the horrific events.

Directing is Claire Cooney, who makes her feature directorial debut and serves as a producer. The project is being produced by Dashavana Wright’s Choppe Productions with support from Divisionist Films with Claire Cooney, Jose Nateras and Kelly Parker. Greg Newman and Queensbury Pictures are executive-producers.

US and UK genre firm Queensbury Pictures has produced films including girl on the third floor starring CM Punk (Phil Brooks) and broadcast signal intrusion Starring Harry Shum Jr.

Director Claire Cooney said: “I couldn’t have asked for a more ambitious and exciting debut feature. Jose’s sharp, witty, moving screenplay is an ode to many classic genre films, and yet is uniquely his own. It’s been exciting to dive into collaborating on this project with a team as diverse as the characters on Page. I look forward to going back to my artistic home of Chicago to bring this enigmatic, conscious-smart, thrilling script to life. I’m curious.”

“Chicago is fast becoming a major center in independent filmmaking. We are thrilled to be working with this extremely talented team. Jose Nateras delivered the powerhouse of a script, Claire Cooney is a director to watch, and Dashavana Wright The production team under the leadership is doing amazing work,” said Greg Newman of Queensbury.

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